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Make this the Best School Year Ever with DK Canada’s Back to School Boutique

back-to-school-boutique-button-185x185Whether you are looking for answers to questions about science or math or simply looking to discover more about the animal kingdom or the natural world DK has you covered with a full range of reference books. Fully illustrated and expertly researched each of these specially priced titles ensures that kids (and adults) will have something fun to share when there’s homework to be done!

 While Keira isn’t heading to school for a couple more years, I did find a couple books in DK Canada’s Back to School Boutique to help us get an early start with her education.  We checked out My First Dictionary Canadian Edition and My First Encyclopedia – titles which work for us right now and will continue to be useful right up until and during her elementary school years.


My First Dictionary Canadian Edition

With one thousand entries and pictures, this illustrated dictionary is the perfect go-to reference for Canadian children. Featuring the nouns, verbs and adjectives that are most commonly encountered by young children, this accessible illustrated reference uses definitions that give each word’s primary meaning in terms of a child’s experience.

    • Features 1000 photographs, words and definitions

    • Uses correct Canadian spellings

This title is appropriate for the 3 – 5 year range although Keira is only 19 months and we have gotten a lot of use out of it together.  This dictionary is full of bright pictures that really grab her attention and I think it is an excellent tool to help her learn new words.   I love that the definitions for each entry are written in terms that a child can understand.   Right now Keira points at the pictures she is interested in and I tell her its name and read the definition.  It’s a fun learning game we both enjoy playing and I know she is learning as we go along.

Canadian parents will also love that this edition uses only Canadian spelling.  It can be so confusing when many of the books available for our children use American spelling, so it is nice to have a dictionary around with the correct spelling.

Another feature of this book that I love are the 9 games at the end of the book including Animal Alphabet, Spelling Puzzle, Word Detective, and Animal Jumble.


9781465414250HMy First Encyclopedia

Meant for children aged 5 and up, My First Encyclopedia will pique kids’ curiosity and stimulate their intellectual development. Stunning photographs, facts, games, and puzzles will capture children’s attention and make reading fun. Clear and comprehensive content helps develop educational skills and broaden a child’s knowledge. Additionally, helpful parents’ notes are included to encourage an interactive learning experience between caregiver and child. With My First Encyclopedia, children will build knowledge and vocabulary that will stimulate their mind and aid their development.

 The ideas in this title are understandably too complex for Keira at this point however having read through it myself it seems like an excellent follow-up to the My First Dictionary.  It it also full of bright pictures sure to capture a childs interest as they explore the concepts laid out within.  This does enable Keira to look through the book and point things out similarly as she does with the Dictionary.

It also contains a full index which is helpful for getting your child started with learning how to look up entries for themselves.  I found it interesting that the entries are not actually arranged alphabetically, but rather by theme. 


Buy it:  For a limited time only all the books in the Back to School Boutique are 30% off.


Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned titled in order to facilitate this review.  All thoughts and opinions remain honest and my own.

kathy downey

Friday 12th of September 2014

Wow,thats great prices

Victoria Ess

Thursday 19th of September 2013

That's a great sale!