Mimi and Bear in the Snow by Janee Trasler #FMEGifts14

Last Updated on November 25, 2014

 Mimi and the bear in the snow


Wherever Mimi goes, Bear is sure to be there—whether she is ice-skating, having fancy tea with the queen, or making a scary snow monster. But when Bear gets lost, poor Mimi is heartbroken. Luckily, the snow melts and Mimi and Bear are reunited.
Janee Trasler’s spare text and utterly adorable artwork will resonate with anyone who has ever lost a beloved toy.
I have to admit I was already in love with this book for Keira after reading the summary. She brings her bear with her everywhere and I knew she would immediately relate to Mimi and the story being told.
The text is simple, holds her attention and is easy to follow making this perfect for toddlers and pre-schoolers.  The book itself is beautiful with a lovely dust jacket and the illustrations that are as sweet at the story itself.
Keira loves the story so much she pretty much narrates it by herself now in her own adorable little way.  “Oh Mimi in snow and bear!  Mimi skate and Bear!  Mimi hat and Bear hat!” and of course my favourite part of her narration is when she points out to Mimi that “Bear hiding!” and then that “Mimi so sad!”.    Really, I think the only thing better than this book is Keira’s version of it!
Mimi and Bear has easily become a family favourite and I definitely recommend picking up a copy for the infant or toddler in your life.

About the Author:

Janee Trasler has written and/or illustrated many picture books for children. She lives in Grapevine, Texas, with her husband, two dogs, two guinea pigs, and a pile of puppets.


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12 thoughts on “Mimi and Bear in the Snow by Janee Trasler #FMEGifts14

  1. I really love books with artwork like this. They were my favorite as a kid. I love reading books with the kids, and always looking for new ones! Thanks for the review!!

  2. The illustrations are lovely! And the story sounds perfect for a cozy snowy day! Those kind of books are our favourite for the winter and the Christmas time!

  3. I love to get great books for my great grandchildren and I think ‘Mimi and the Bear’ will fit this description. I know if they like a book, they will get Mommy or Daddy to read it over and over and, like your child, pretend to read it themselves. Thank you for your information on this book.

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