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Lizzie and Lou Seal By Patricia Keeler


Lizzie loves her flip-flops. They go shuffle shuffle across the rug, smack smack on the floor tiles, and thwap thwap down the stairs. Lizzie also loves her blow-up toy, Lou Seal. Lizzie and Lou Seal are off to the beach, but beach fun turns to beach disaster when Lizzie loses her flip-flops and Lou Seal starts losing air! It’s a sink or swim scenario. What will Lizzie do?

This is a beautiful book with mixed media art and a lovely retro feel, for fans of Ladybug Girl at the Beach. Children will relate to Lizzie’s independence and creative problem solving and fall in love with Lou Seal themselves. Filled with lots of fun words and sounds, this is a perfect read aloud book for parents and children alike.


Lizzie and Lou Seal is a seriously adorable tale that children are sure to love. My 5 year old has been obsessed with this book since we first read it together. She loves all the sounds Lizzie makes throughout the book, especially the sounds her flip flops make.

I love the retro style illustrations in this book, it really gives the book a little something special, although I think the text alone is a real winner. It’s the perfect bed-time story that parents and children will enjoy alike. It is guaranteed to make you smile.


About the Author

Patricia Keeler’s books include Car Wash, Drumbeat in Our Feet, and A Huge Hog Is a Big Pig. She lives across the Hudson River from the Empire State building with her husband and author, Francis McCall. On sunny days, she visits a beach to stick her feet in the sand.