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How to Get Kids Out the Door on Time (Every Time!)

Check out these parenting tips for getting your kids out the door on time. Whether it's back to school or just running out for an early Dr appointment - never be late again!

Gladskikh Tatiana |

Having kids can make it almost impossible to get out the door on time. You basically have to time everything perfectly, just to get to your destination on time. After a while, leaving the house with kids really isn’t all that big of a deal. You’ll get lots of practice and soon it will become like second nature. Check out these parenting tips for getting your kids out the door on time.

1. Wake up earlier

This is so hard! One of the best ways for leaving the house on time with kids it to actually wake up earlier and create more time. Of course, you may need to go to bed earlier in order to wake up earlier. If you can, wake up before the kids so you have time to centre yourself. (…or you know, get in an extra cup of coffee.)

2. Get the kids to bed on time

Some parents actually do not have kids that wake up at the crack of dawn. If you have children that do not like waking up early, I feel for you. Another great tip for leaving the house on time with small kids is to make sure they get to bed on time. Early bed time= easier to wake up and they are less cranky.

3. Provide a quick breakfast

One task that can take a long time in the morning is making breakfast, especially if you have small children. While children need a hearty breakfast, you don’t need to spend all morning in the kitchen making it for them. Here are some great ideas for grabbing a quick healthy breakfast while on the go.

4. Have a schedule in mind

Another way you can leave the house on time, with all of your small kids in tow is by having a schedule in mind. Know when you will get them dressed, fed, and when you will be heading out the door. By having a time-line set in your mind, you will be much more efficient at getting out the door on time.

5. Get everything ready the night before

If you really want to get out the door on time, make sure you get everything ready the night before. Lay out their clothing, socks, and jackets beforehand. Don’t save baths for in the morning, and prep bags and lunches if needed ahead of time.

6. Set two alarms

One thing about getting out the door on time, is you actually need to wake up on time. Setting at least two alarms, can help ensure you really do get up and get out the door!


When it comes to leaving the house on time, try to stay calm mama. Kids can be crazy in the mornings, especially small ones, but you got this and can make it happen.


What tips do you have for leaving the house on time with kids?

Ali P

Monday 7th of November 2016

We're pretty good most days, but my youngest is still a straggler. Takes her forever to do anything.

Judy Cowan

Sunday 28th of August 2016

Great tips! Being organized and have a routine is important!

Laurie P

Wednesday 17th of August 2016

We thrive on routine, if we sway from it, things get chaotic lol.

kathy downey

Wednesday 17th of August 2016

Its great to have a routine and stick with it,makes life easier!

Lynda Cook

Wednesday 17th of August 2016

It's great to have routine and to follow it, everything goes along a lot smoother!!