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Christmas Hacks to Simplify the Holidays

Christmas Hacks to Simplify the Holidays

Christmas Hacks to Simplify the Holidays

1. Simplify your holiday baking. Get four types of Christmas cookies from one basic dough.
2. Afraid the little ones will break glass ornaments? String them on a tension rod to decorate the windows, and put plastic ornaments on the tree instead.
3. Egg cartons are perfect for storing your ornaments, so remember to save them around Christmastime!
4. Make a can of snow if a white Christmas just isn’t in your forecast.
5. Your Christmas tree can smell amazing even if it’s fake with one of these oil diffusing Christmas ornaments.
6. Spruce up your décor with a no-sew Christmas tree skirt.
7. Burlap garland is inexpensive and beautiful. You can use any fabric scraps if you don’t have burlap on hand.
8. Give new life to your Christmas tree with a coat of spray paint.
9. Use wrapping paper to create inexpensive decorations like these paper Christmas trees.
10. Add some sparkle to your mantle. Fill mason jars with twinkling Christmas lights.
11. Make your Christmas tree look fuller by using two sizes of lights.
12. Save money this season with some DIY stocking stuffers. Everyone loves homemade goodies!
13. Use pipe cleaners to keep garland in place.
14. Learn some new tricks to make the gift wrapping easier.
15. Let breakfast bake while you open presents on Christmas morning. This Cinnamon Roll French Toast Bake is amazing!
16. Keep the Christmas cards you receive from friends and family each year to create an easy address book for yourself.
17. Save cardboard tubes to make fun Christmas crackers filled with goodies and small toys.
18. Let the kids make ornaments to give as gifts to grandparents, aunts and uncles.
19. Need a big wreath? Tape some pool noodles together, and glue ornaments to them. Gorgeous!
20. Gold spray paint makes anything look festive!
21. Wrap your Christmas lights around cardboard when storing them after the holiday season. No more tangled lights!
22. Save aluminium foil boxes for gifting cookies. Genius!
23. Condiment bottles make cookie decorating so much easier.
24. Keep chains of beads in plastic bottles.
25. Use baking soda and glitter to make Santa footprints leading from the fireplace to the tree. Cute!


Christmas Hacks to Simplify the Holidays

Chandra O'Connor

Wednesday 23rd of December 2015

i love hack ideas I do some myself

kathy downey

Wednesday 16th of December 2015

Thanks,think i will try #11. Make your Christmas tree look fuller by using two sizes of lights.

Judy Cowan

Monday 14th of December 2015

Love the glass ornament hack & using Egg Cartons to store ornaments!