Little Tikes Giggly Gears™ Twirltable™ #FMEGifts14

Little Tikes Giggly Gears™ Twirltable™

I love toys with a long “life” to them and that are just a much about fun as they are about developing new skills and making discoveries.   That is what the Little Tikes Giggly Gears™ Twirltable™ is all about and some!

It’s nice to have a single toy that both girls love to play with, and a toy both can play with at the same time.  I have to admit though, once we received the Little Tikes Giggly Gears™ Twirltable™ to review, I found myself getting in on the fun too!


Little Tikes Giggly Gears™ Twirltable™

The Giggly Gears Twirltable includes the table itself and over 20 different brightly-coloured, stackable and interchangeable gears.  Once setup as desired just press a button and the gears will turn to the sound of cute music or your little one can turn the crank for even more fun.

There is a huge variety of possibilities when it comes to setting up the table which means hours of fun.


Little Tikes Giggly Gears™ Twirltable™

There are even places on the legs for the smaller gears to go which means even more fun. Seriously it is so much fun getting the gears on the legs to spin and seeing the girls reaction to it!


Little Tikes Giggly Gears™ Twirltable™

The table functions via a giant gear in the middle.  You stack the gears all around the bigger gear and then activate it.  I don’t even want to tell you how many times I’ve played around with it while cleaning up the rec room.  The table is meant for infants 9 months and up to 3 years.  I would argue that is really suitable for 9 months and just up.   It’s quite satisfying to see all the gears going around after setting it up in a new way!


Little Tikes Giggly Gears™ Twirltable™

Keira, 2 years old, immediately grasped the concept and got busy stacking and playing around with the gears.  Not surprisingly she actually figured out how to activate the table before I did.  

 Both girls play with the Giggly Gears™ Twirltable™ almost daily and sometimes they even play with it together and since there are so many gears included it has never resulted in a tantrum.  


Little Tikes Giggly Gears™ Twirltable™

The table can be used on legs for standing play or you can remove the legs for on the floor play.  It’s easy to setup and breakdown if you like to switch between play modes.

Ava, 11 months old, doesn’t really get what the table is about.  She is fascinated with watching the table in action and absolutely obsessed with stacking the gears and inspecting the table. 


Little Tikes Giggly Gears™ Twirltable™

The  Little Tikes Giggly Gears™ Twirltable™ would make for a wonderful gift for any infant or toddler, it is almost guaranteed to provide hours of fun!

Giggly Gears are available in a number of playsets including Giggly Gears Twirl Table, Tumblin’ Gears and Dizzy Gears, Push Mower and 2-in-1 Walker are all available exclusively at Toys “R” US.


Little Tikes Giggly Gears™ Twirltable™


Buy it:

Purchase Little Tikes Giggly Gears™ Twirltable™ from Toys “R” Us for  just $49.99!


35 thoughts on “Little Tikes Giggly Gears™ Twirltable™ #FMEGifts14

  1. This is such a cute table. I didn’t have this on my list for my daughter, but I an thinking she would have a ton of fun with this and her brother would like it too.

  2. OMG this is too cute, I love toys like this. I have kids who are too old for it, sadly, but I do have a niece who will be in 2 in January who may just love this for Christmas! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I can see how little ones would be fascinated with this twirltable. They love to be able to move things to see how they work and they find this sort of interaction fascinating. I know this because I have watched lots of small children playing.

  4. what a nice toy, this will keep children happy for a long time I suspect. 🙂 All those dials to turn and watch others turn, marvellous

  5. This is a new toy to me but it certainly seems to be a lot of fun judging my the faces of your daughters 🙂

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