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Questions to Ask Before your Child’s Sleepover

Questions to Ask Before your Child’s Sleepover

Is your child going to a friend’s house for a sleepover? As a parent, you want your child to develop socially, and sleepovers can help contribute to this. They can also be fun and special for your kids. Unfortunately, sleepovers can also be a little scary for you as a parent. It can be hard to let your child go over to a friend’s house for the night, especially if you only know the family in passing. If your child has a sleepover scheduled, asking these questions can help alleviate your fears.


Who else will be there?

If your child has a sleepover, you’ll want to know who else will be there. Is it going to be just your child and their friend, or will other kids join for a larger sleepover? If it’s your kid’s first sleepover, you might want it to be smaller with less people. This helps ensure that you know who will be around your child for the night.

Which adults will be around to monitor?

Sleepovers aren’t just about which kids will be there. It’s also about the adults that will be around to monitor. Ask the parent which adults will be there. It’s always nice to have two parents around however that isn’t always a possibility.  You will want to know if there will be another adult, such as a friend of the family or a significant other helping to chaperone. The answer to this question could determine whether you are comfortable with your child  attending the sleepover or not.

Where will the kids sleep?

Any-time your kid goes to a sleepover, you’ll want to check to see where the kids will be sleeping. Some parents choose to squeeze all of the kids into a bedroom while others have the kids camp out in the basement or in the living room. By asking this question, you’ll know whether your child will be comfortable with the sleeping arrangements. If your child will be sleeping on the floor, you’ll know to pack a thick blanket for your child to sleep on.

Do you have my cell number?

Although this might seem like an obvious question, not all parents think to check this information. Before leaving your child, ask the parents if they have your cell number. Make sure they know that they can call or text you with any questions or concerns and at any time. You’ll also want to make sure you have their cell phone so that you can stay in contact with them if you have any questions.


Questions to Ask Before your Child’s Sleepover

A sleepover is a fun experience for your kids. These questions help relieve those fears that every parent gets when it comes to sleepovers so that your child can still experience the joys of spending the night with a friend.


Elva Roberts

Saturday 6th of February 2016

I think your post puts the questions we want answered before we allow our child to go on a sleepover. when my children went on them, years ago, we knew the parents well and knew what the conditions would be regarding chaperones, etc. It is more difficult now and a parent cannot be too careful. n Thank you for a very useful and sensible post.

kathy downey

Friday 22nd of January 2016

A sleepover is so much fun,i remember when my daughter was young there was always so many sleepovers