Sparkle Up your Holiday Shopping List with Little Charmers Toys


A couple of months ago I first introduced Keira, my 3 year old, to Little Charmers and she has been hooked since. The hit Nick Jr. animated series features loveable best friends Hazel, Posie and Lavender in the magical land of Charmville. The show is full of valuable lessons which I like, but it is also fun and full of cute characters which is what really draws my daughter in.

If you have a Little Charmers fan in your house too, there is a pretty good chance that Little Charmers toys are on their Christmas list this year. 

We’ve been checking out a few of the toys from the Little Charmers line for the past months. I love that the toys foster imaginative play with my girls whether they are playing with the dolls, magical wand or plush toy.  Read on for more info about the Little Charmers toys to help you with your holiday shopping list for your kids!

The Little Charmers Best Friends 3 pack includes all three Little Charmers friends along with their pets Seven, Flare and Treble.  Their small size makes them perfect for on the go fun and are just the right size for little hands.



Each 3″ Little Charmer in the pack can be posed as their heads, waist and arms move. Keira loves making up her own Little Charmers adventures using this set, it’s adorable watching her use her imagination and make up little voices for each doll and pet.

The Best Friends 3 pack would make for a great stocking stuffer for kids 3+.


Hazel’s Magical Wand is by far Keira’s favourite toy out of the bunch.  She can pretend to cast her own spells using Hazel’s Magical Wand  just like Hazel does!  She can press the button on the wand and it comes alive with sound and light to add a little sparkle to playtime.  (Watch the video below and you can see and hear the wand in action!)

Also available is the Lavender Magical Wnad, and Posie Magical Wand, each with their own unique features.



Kids can collect all three 8” Little Charmers dolls – Hazel, Lavender, and Posie. Each doll comes with its own brush and signature headband. Clothes and shoes are interchangeable between the dolls. 

I love that this Hazel doll features adorable little kitty shoes.  Keira’s favourite way to play with her 8″ hazel doll is to brush her hair and she can spend just ages doing so!



For some reason I cannot find the photos I took of Keira with her Seven plush.  Seven is one of Keira’s favourite plush toys and occupies a place of honour on her bed rather than in the laundry basked of plush toys beside her bed.  She loves how soft and cuddly Seven is, and often carries her around when she wants to watch the Little Charmers on television.  It’s adorable seeing her get cozy on the couch, holding the Seven plush so carefully!


Your little ones can experience the magic of Charmville from home, with the new line of Little Charmers toys!  Check out Little Charmers dolls, magic wands, plush toys and more at Toys R Us!

Take a peek while Keira, my 3 year old, checks them out!



Love Little Charmers?  Make your own Hazel headband with this easy Little Charmers Hazel Kitty Headband Kids Craft


Join the Little Charmers for magical moments and exciting adventures online! Explore the world of Charmville and join the everyday adventures of Hazel, Posie, Lavender and all  of their magical friends!  Watch video clips, play web games, find free printable activities and more!

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Disclosure: This post is part of the Charmville Mom Ambassador program. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

19 thoughts on “Sparkle Up your Holiday Shopping List with Little Charmers Toys

  1. I only recently heard about Little Charmers- your Little Charmer, btw, is adorable! I think my niece would really like these toys!

  2. Little Charmers are so freaking adorable. I wish these had been around when my daughter was young. She’s all grown up now, so I don’t get to buy her all this super cool girl stuff anymore. =(

  3. These are so cute. My friends little girl collects them. She would love the Little Charmers Best Friends 3 pack for Christmas.

  4. Oh my goodness, we just got a Little Charmers Hazel and totally love her. Her hair is so pretty and my kids love her magic tricks. This whole line of toys are so much fun!

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