Free Printable Zoo Memory Match Game

Last Updated on February 20, 2016

  Free Printable Zoo Memory Match Game - fun and a great learning opportunity for kids too!


My two girls love memory match games, Keira got an awesome Dr Seuss memory match game for her 4th birthday and they have been obsessed ever since.  Obviously memory match games are fun for kids, but they also offer plenty of educational benefits too!

This Zoo Memory Match Game set includes 18 unique cards for a total of 32 cards in a game.  Obviously you can use less if you would like a smaller game, which is probably a good idea for young children.

To prepare the game, print the sheets out on card stock, cut the cards out and let your kids have fun.  If you want the cards to be played with over and over you could even laminate them for extra durability.

If your child is very young you can play with the cards face up, once your child understands the concept of turning the face down cards over then play it in the traditional way.

You can also turn this into a quiet game of sorting and/or categorizing if your kids do get bored of playing match. 




Click on the image to download the Zoo Memory Match Game


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