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Mistakes To Avoid When Visiting A New Mom

Mistakes To Avoid When Visiting A New Mom and their newborn baby girl or baby boy

Though giving birth to a baby is daunting and risky, the pain is quickly replaced by a feeling of fulfilment that you have successfully given life to a new individual.

In dealing with new moms, there is a need to appreciate them more and at the same time understand what they are going through. Hormones are a little crazy in new moms so it is important to be extra sensitive to their feelings. So, if you have a friend or a relative who has just given birth to a newborn baby, then you should consider these tips to help you avoid common mistakes when visiting a new mom.


    • If you are visiting a new mom remember that the usual rules do not apply, you should be the one who needs to be taking care of her by bringing a home cooked meal or flowers. Don’t expect a new mom to be entertaining you in the way she used to. Give her a break. Let her relax and keep her company.


    • Giving a new mom any unsolicited advice can become a potential mistake. This is because you are making her more stressed and annoyed. Just keep these things to yourself and wait for her to ask advice from you, and when you do give your advice try to keep it short and simple.


    • Another mistake that should be avoided is bringing too many visitors in the room, especially when the new mom has experienced a very traumatic birthing experience. Try to schedule visits out between family and friends. Keeping good crowd control will help prevent the mom and the baby from getting stressed out.


    • Avoid asking too many questions of the new mom including if she has slept well. You should already know that they will be having a hard time getting enough sleep because of handling the baby or they are still adjusting. This is should be obvious.  Instead let the new mom lead the conversation.


    • Avoid having long visits. Two hours is likely too much for the new mom as she will want to be spending her time bonding with her baby.  The exception to this rule is if you are there to help around the house too.  In that case, stay as long as you like!

Avoid these common mistakes and help the new mom and baby become more relaxed. In general, let them relax and give time to bond with their new born baby.


What annoyed you regarding visitors as a new mom?


kathy downey

Monday 8th of February 2016

You mentioned some great points,thanks for sharing

Diana Powell

Wednesday 3rd of February 2016

Very good tips to follow !

Elizabeth Matthiesen

Wednesday 3rd of February 2016

A lot of good points made here, I especially liked "The exception to this rule is if you are there to help around the house too. In that case, stay as long as you like!" LOL