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See You Alligator by Sally Hopgood



A departing tortoise has his bags packed and is almost ready to set out on an adventure, but he can’t leave until he says good-bye to each of his animal friends. The tortoise stops for every last timid mouse and bumblebee, shouting his rhyming good-byes, making you wonder if, perhaps, he’s stalling the start of his trip.

His animal friends appear startled as he suddenly pops up on each page to say adieu—especially the perplexed rhinoceros the tortoise mistakes for a unicorn! With each farewell, the tortoise’s good-byes get sillier and more creative. When will the good-byes end and the adventure begin?

See You Later, Alligator is a silly story with bright, engaging illustrations and expressive, rhyming text that children will want to read—and giggle through—again and again.


This truly is such a fun and silly story that kids will laugh through time after time. The girls can’t help but laugh when tortoise mistakes the rhinoceros for a unicorn. The rhyming text gets really creative too which makes for a fun read, but the illustrations really make the story.


Laurie P

Saturday 8th of October 2016

A fun little book, my girl would really enjoy this one!

Elva Roberts

Saturday 8th of October 2016

This See you Alligator by Sally Hopgood sounds like a wonderful book for children.Children usually like silly books and the sillier the better. I would love to read such a book to my great grandchildren.

Judy Cowan

Thursday 6th of October 2016

Sounds like a good book, will have to pick up a copy for my nephew.

kathy downey

Wednesday 5th of October 2016

Thanks for the wonderful review,we love books with rhyming text .