Simple Spring Flower Sconce

Last Updated on February 20, 2016

This Simple Spring Flower Sconce is an easy diy that adds a nice Spring touch to your home decor!

Are you looking for some simple and savvy spring décor? Then this simple spring flower sconce is perfect for you. This sconce will look great in your space, whether it be your home or office, as it adds the perfect touch of spring. Easy and inexpensive to make, this simple flower sconce needs to be one of the crafts on your to do list this week! Take a look below at how you can craft your own!

Simple Spring Flower Sconce 

Simple Spring Flower Sconce

Supplies needed:
Burlap canvas
Plastic storage container
Hot glue, glue gun
Fresh or silk flowers

We were able to find all of these items at our local crafting or hobby store. You can most likely find the small plastic storage containers where the glass items such as canning jars are sold. You can find the small burlap canvas pieces in with art and painting supplies.

Simple Spring Flower Sconce


1. Begin by removing the lid of the container. You won’t be needing it so feel free to recycle it.
2. Apply a generous dab of glue to the back of the container.
3. Press the container to the centre of the canvas. If you wish, you can measure before hand so you know you get it perfectly centred. This is up to you however, as we chose to just eye ball ours.
4. Press the container until the glue has dried and it is secure in place.
5. Fill the container with water. Add blooms of your choice.

Your sconce is now ready to hang! A simple nail or tack should hold the lip of the canvas frame just fine. As you can see, it adds the perfect pop of spring!

Gather your supplies and give this simple spring flower sconce a try. Make a pair if you are so inclined or even give one of these as a gift! It is a fun and frugal craft that can’t be beat!


This Simple Spring Flower Sconce is an easy diy that adds a nice Spring touch to your home decor!

Katie Femia is a wife and mother of three. She loves vintage finds, handmade goodness, the frugal life, and the long road to publication. She just published her first YA novel, Peacock Swamp|The Nine, and enjoys writing for children and adults alike.


17 thoughts on “Simple Spring Flower Sconce

  1. This is such a great idea, love simple quick, and inexpensive ways to perk up my humble abode. When I first looked at it I wondered how you could keep a glass container with water on the canvas. Aha, you’re so smart, you used plastic. Due to our very dry climate, glue has a habit of coming undone so I’d put hole thru canvas to put some ribbon or? around the container, thru the canvas for little more security, dress it up little more. Glad you shared this great idea. Happy days. had to print this out so i didn’t forget it.

  2. Now, that is a really really neat & simple not to mention creative idea!! I think I’m going to have my daughter make a set for my mom for mother’s day!!

    Thank you <3

  3. This is too funny! We have this exactly hanging on our wall. My daughters bestie made it for her a t school!

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