How to Make a Candy Free Easter Basket Kids will LOVE!

Last Updated on February 20, 2016

How to Make a Candy Free Easter Basket Kids will LOVE!

 Easter has always been one of my favourite holidays.  As a kid I loved waking up to an Easter Egg hunt before getting dressed up in a pretty dress and hat and heading to church together as a family.    This is a tradition I am carrying on with my own girls but with one change.  Instead of hiding little chocolate eggs around my house, I will be hiding fun Easter baskets filled with non-candy treats.

I am not against a few hidden chocolate eggs, everyone deserves a treat, but the thought of two sugar crazed toddlers just is not my idea of fun. 

Whether you want to put together a completely candy-free Easter basket, or are just looking for some fresh ideas to include in your children’s baskets this year, here are some great ideas using affordable toys from Hasbro that your kids will love!


How to Make a Candy Free Easter Basket

I started off by selecting some great little toys from Hasbro I knew the girls would love.  Mr Potato Head, Playskool Stack ‘n Stow Cups, a My Little Pony figure, a FurReal Friends Luvimals Sweet Singin’ Pup Pet and Bunny and Chick Stampers all fit the bill. 

I also found some cute little baskets that will serve as extra toy storage and some matching Easter “grass”.


How to Make a Candy Free Easter Basket

Putting the baskets together is easy.  I removed all the packaging from the toys so the girls could play right away and to make the baskets easier to put together in a nice way.  I put the Easter grass in the bottom and carefully arranged the toys in their respective baskets.  Easy peasy and ready to go!


How to Make a Candy Free Easter Basket

Of course my girls are a little but lucky since they got their Easter presents a little bit early so I could share them with you.  Lucky ducks!

I gave Ava this adorable Playskool Stack ‘n Stow Cups set which retails for $11.99.


How to Make a Candy Free Easter Basket

This space-saving stacking cups toy makes it super easy when it comes time to put away, or take on the go.  It includes 7 colourful stack-able cups that provides for a ton of play and fun for baby.   It’s incredible just how compact and portable this stacking cup toy is, it easily fits right into my purse for on the go! She loves watching me condense the cups back into the lion too, she is super fascinated by it!  The cups nest easily into the face of the lion and locks securely into place. 

  It’s such a simple toy but it keeps her entertained for ages as she attempts to figure out how to stack the cups.


How to Make a Candy Free Easter Basket

Mr. Potato Head is such a classic toy, it seriously never gets old.  I loved playing with my own Mr. Potato Head as a kid and Keira is no different.  She delights in carrying him around and changing his face up constantly. 

He has changed though!  Retailing for $10.99, he is slimmer and has more holes than he used to and more facial features!  The parts are compatible with other versions of Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head.  The parts are easily stored inside his body and comes with  eyes, nose, mouth with teeth, hat, mustache, tongue, pair of glasses, 2 hands, 2 ears and 1 pair of legs with shoes.


How to Make a Candy Free Easter Basket

The FurReal Friends Luvimals Sweet Singin’ Pup Pet was intended for Keira but both girls are seriously in love with this cute little puppy.  With a touch on its back it sings and yips for you!  Retailing for only $12.99
it is a sweet little toys that makes a welcome addition to any Easter basket you are putting together this year.


How to Make a Candy Free Easter Basket

These adorable bunny and chick stampers fit a more traditional look for your Easter basket but rather than finding chocolate or candy inside your child will find Play-Doh instead!  Check under their feet for another surprise – fun stamps to imprint the play-doh with!

Keira is seriously obsessed with Play-Doh right now, so they have provided her with quite a bit of playtime!


How to Make a Candy Free Easter Basket

Keira loves My Little Pony and the Cutie Mark Magic figure easily fit in with the rest of her collection.  She demanded I go grab some her one of her other ponies so they could play together so I got her newest addition, her Cutie Mark Magic Water Cuties Diamond Mint Figure.  It’s funny how cute and adorable these little figures are! 




12 thoughts on “How to Make a Candy Free Easter Basket Kids will LOVE!

  1. All good toy picks! Doing up baskets with non-candy options is a great idea and is something I try to do when I make them up.

  2. Great selection! Play-doh is always a hit. And I’m going to try to scoop up a Mr Potato head, she love playing with it at playgroup!

  3. This is a great idea! I was already thinking about doing candy-less baskets this year and these are excellent toy ideas.

  4. Honestly I think it’s hard to not include chocolate in an easter basket, but I am totally loving your ideas! I can’t believe how cute the Play doh easter eggs are! I am going to have to look for those.

  5. These are great choices. I always put a variety of non-candy items in my kids’ Easter baskets so I appreciate the suggestions.

  6. This is a fabulous idea, especially since the grandbaby can’t have anything like chocolate and such just yet!

  7. I love those bunny and chick stampers! I couldn’t find any locally, but did find a cinderella stamper at Target on 40% off. It’s less Eastery, but it was on sale and she’ll still enjoy it. 🙂

  8. Thank you for an alternative to chocolate eggs and candy, I worry about all that sugar and the children’s teeth health.
    You have made your Easter Baskets very child-appealing and the cost is not so expensive-as Easter Candy is expensive as well.

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