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Simple Ways to Spend Less Time Creating Blog Posts

Blog Tips: Simple Ways to Spend Less Time Creating Blog Posts

When people start blogging, they think that it will be easy and won’t take a lot of time. This isn’t true, as any seasoned blogger can tell you. It requires a lot of time, and a lot of work to become a successful blogger.  If you work smart though, you can make the most of your time and cut down on the amount you are working. If you are looking for simple ways to spend less time creating blog posts for your readers, check out these tips.

Get organized

Before you start blogging, get organized. Create a space that is good for your creative energy and to get into a writing and brainstorming frame of mind, and write out a list of blogging topics you’d like to cover. Once you have these things worked out, it is as simple as writing.  If more than one idea is close to another, then you can write about them in the same week to create a theme and limit your research time during that week.  Don’t forget to link between related posts!

Make a schedule

Schedule in a set time each day to write and edit posts.  This will help to keep you focused and if you follow the next tip you will be set!

Cut out distractions

When you decide to blog, go to a place that is not full of distractions. Also, don’t surf the web and visit social media unless it strictly pertains to what you are writing. All those funny memes, cat videos, and status updates by friends can wait until your work is complete. Close Facebook and focus.  It will save you literally hours and you will be more productive than ever.

Delegate duties

Sometimes, you have too much to do and that’s when you need help. Hire a virtual assistant, or purchase a blog post or two from a freelance writer. You can also ask someone else to edit and post for you, or hire someone to post to social media while you focus on just the writing portion of your blog. The less stressed out you are over getting content up and out on top of other duties and responsbolities, the better.