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8 Foolproof Tactics That Will Keep Your Readers Coming Back To Your Blog For More

Blogging Tip: 8 Foolproof Tactics That Will Keep Your Readers Coming Back To Your Blog For More


Getting a few readers to visit you every and now and then on your blog is great, but do you know how to keep them coming back? After reading these tips, you will!


Give them something to read

When people begin reading you, they want to know that you will be posting often enough to keep them reading. If you aren’t they will move on and they will forget about you. Post regularly enough to keep people interested, but don’t over post or they may become annoyed by you.  5x a week is a good place to start if you want to see continued traffic.

If you are unable to post that often you should consider removing all dates from your blog to create a better first impression.

Build a brand or genre and keep to it
If you are a mommy-blogger, stick to that. If you blog about cars, stick to that. This is how you keep your target audience reading your work. They know you write for their interests and they won’t have to read through your posts to find what you are looking for. Make a schedule

This isn’t a writing schedule, but more so a content schedule. Maybe you always post new recipes on Fridays or travel posts on Tuesdays.  This doesn’t even have to be formalized by calling it something, just consistently post the same type of content on the same day each week if possible.  This way your readers will have something to look forward to each week.

Don’t get in a rut

You can stick to a type of writing without getting stuck in a rut with it. If you post about kids, for instance, you can write serious content on car seat safety, and then lighthearted content on funny things your kids say. It falls within the same genre of writing, but with a different feel so that it doesn’t become predictable.

Post a series
This is a really easy way to get people to come back. If you do a series of articles and they read the first one, they will want to read the rest. Don’t do too many parts in a series, or it becomes too much for readers. No more than six parts is best, and no less than three. 
Comments matter
Make a comment section easy to find, easy to use, and easy to read. Also, respond to comments people leave so that they know you are paying attention to them. This will encourage them to come back. Promote your blog

If you want people to read your blog, you need to promote it so they know you have posted new content.  Create Pinterest friendly images for all evergreen content, create a Facebook image for sharing that really stands out and don’t forget about Stumble Upon, Twitter or G+!

Pay attention to your writing
If you have poor writing, you will lose readers. Edit your work, have others edit your work, and if a reader corrects your writing, pay attention. The best way overall to keep readers is to be a good writer.
Photography Matters
Think large, clear, bright photos.  Investing in a DSLR is a must if you intend to be a professional blogger as well as stock images for posts that don’t lend well to self-taken photos.


Friday 10th of February 2017

Thank you so much! this was very informative!