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7 Major Mistakes that Stops People from Commenting on your Blog

Blog Tips: 7 Major Mistakes that Stops People from Commenting on your Blog

You have a blog- Great! You probably have all the things in place to track the number of visitors you get each day, and what they like to view most, but are you getting comments on your blog? Comments show you what your readers think, how they perceive your writing, if you need to make changes, and they can even drive more traffic to your site. If you see that people are visiting your blog, but you aren’t getting comments, check out these reasons why that may be the case.

You don’t SEO

Do you know what SEO is and how to do it properly? Search Engine Optimization can do a lot to help your blog. For example, it will bump your posts up on a search, which drives more people to your blog, which means you are likely to get more comments.

You use Captcha

If your readers have to enter a captcha before they comment, they most likely will forget about commenting. The same thing goes for forcing them to register with your site in order to leave comments. Sure, by not doing these things you will face more spam. That’s YOUR problem, not one your readers must deal with.

You just aren’t Interesting

It really could be as simple as your posts being boring. Have some people review your blog and give you personal feedback. Always remember to write to your audience but to stay true to your own writing style.

Intrusive Advertisements

Music playing, pop-up ads, blinky and flashy add-ons are all distracting and a great way to get a reader to leave your site before they even read your blog, so of course they won’t comment.

Poor Writing Skills

If you have poor writing skills people won’t take you seriously as a writer and likely won’t continue reading past the first paragraph.  Nobody expects perfection but  your writing should be at least recognizable as a language.

Can they read your blog?

Hard to read fonts and busy backgrounds make people want to get off your site quickly.  Stick to a clean looking font with black text on a white background.  It is the easiest to read and won’t chase people off.

You don’t comment

Respond to people when they comment. People don’t want to feel ignored and are unlikely to come back if you don’t acknowledge them.