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Top 8 Easter Movies for Kids and Families

 Top 8 Easter Movies For Kids and Families

Easter is right around the corner, which means you need to get ready for some Easter fun! If you want to spend some quality time with your family this Easter, then plan a night in watching Easter movies. These top Easter movies are perfect for spending a little extra time with the people who mean the most to you.


It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown

Everyone loves Charlie Brown, especially in this great Easter classic. Your entire family will love watching the gang as they prepare for Easter, including some funny attempts at colouring Easter eggs. In the end, Snoopy comes to the rescue and shares Lucy’s Easter eggs with everyone. After watching this Easter movie with your family, you can extend the fun by dying your own Easter eggs and hiding them for an Easter egg hunt.  ($13.99 on | $25.04 on


This action packed Easter film will have your entire family laughing. From the moment this movie begins, your family will be enthralled as they follow the story of E.B. as he attempts to avoid becoming the new Easter Bunny. E.B. and his human cohort bungle their way through the movie, with a surprising ending that makes everyone happy. Your kids will enjoy getting to know the Easter Bunny a little better.  ($9.96 on | $16.98 on

Rise of the Guardians

Although this movie is centred on the main character Jack Frost, Rise of the Guardians is a great movie to watch this Easter. The tough Easter Bunny makes an appearance in this film, helping Jack Frost battle the Boogeyman as he attempts to hide the world in darkness. Unfortunately for the Easter Bunny, the children around the world lose their faith in famous Guardians, causing the mighty Bunnymund to transform into a fluffy and harmless bunny rabbit. Your entire family will love joining the Guardians as they band together to restore hope and fun to the children around the world, beating the Boogeyman together.  ($14.70 on| $17.97 on

VeggieTales: An Easter Carol

If you’d like to teach your children about the meaning behind Easter, then you need to watch this VeggieTales movie. The makers of VeggieTales combine the idea of Easter with the Christmas classic, A Christmas Carol, to bring you the true story of Easter. Join Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber in this family-friendly Easter movie.  ($12.50 on | $6.88 on

Winnie the Pooh:  Springtime with Roo

Each year, Rabbit plays Easter Bunny, but this year, he’s decided it’s “Spring Cleaning Day,” and he orders everyone to hop to it: scrubbing, dusting, and mopping. All his pals are disappointed – especially little Roo – until Rabbit learns that putting others first and showing friends how much you care turns every day into a precious gift. This one is appropriate regardless of religious beliefs.  ($9.99 on| $8.88 on

The First Easter Rabbit

Narrated by Burl Ives, this title is to Easter what Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is to Christmas.  Glinda has scarlet fever, so her cuddly toy rabbit Stuffy and all her other possessions have to be destroyed. But a flower fairy magically brings Stuffy to life, and she tells him that he will be the first Easter rabbit. She sends him on a difficult journey to Easter Valley, an enchanted realm where it’s always springtime, where the bunny hopes to bring the first-ever basket of Easter goodies to children. But a cold-hearted ice creature named Zero refuses to permit such happiness. If he has his way, he’ll freeze out Easter celebrations forever!  ($5.00 on| $14.98 on

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Peter Cottontail wants to be the chief Easter Bunny, and everyone in April Valley agrees…except for Evil Irontail. Peter must deliver more eggs than this arch-rival to earn the top spot…and save Easter for children everywhere! Hop along with Peter and his friend Seymore S. Sassafrass as they race through time to overcome Irontail’s terrible plans and restore the magic of Easter Sunday.  ($12.88 on| $5.64 on

The Easter Bunny Is Comin’ to Town

The Mailman decides to stop another deluge of letters by answering questions about the Easter Bunny: Sunny, a baby rabbit found and adopted by Kidville (a town of only kids–even a kid mailman). And when Sunny goes delivering eggs to the nearby town (which he has to dye to fool Gadzooks, the mean bear on the mountain), he discovers that there are no kids in the town, and that the rightful (kid) ruler is being suppressed by his aunt. But the young king likes Sunny’s dyed eggs and jelly beans. So Kidsville, with the help of an old train engine, makes a few plans (and a decoy chocolate rabbit) to distribute them. This is a fun classic money the whole family will enjoy!  ($7.77 on| $10.33 on


What are your favourite Easter movies to watch with your family?


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Victoria Ess

Wednesday 19th of August 2015

We LOVE It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown! It's such a classic!

kathy downey

Monday 23rd of March 2015

Thanks for the ideas


Wednesday 4th of March 2015

Wow! I need to watch the Easter Beagle, charlie brown!! I don't think I've seen it.

heidi c.

Wednesday 4th of March 2015

I love all of these! They are all adorable!

kathy downey

Wednesday 4th of March 2015

The Bunny soon be in town,where has the time gone....hope he like the snow