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How to Survive Camping in the Rain

How to Survive Camping in the Rain


Camping can be an amazing experience, especially in the spring months. The truth is though, the weather doesn’t always cooperate with your plans. Sometimes what was forecasted to be a beautiful sunny weekend, can end up being a dreary rainy one instead. Don’t let the rain put a damper on your outdoor plans, there are ways to survive camping in the rain.

While camping during a downpour is nowhere near as much fun as camping when the weather is beautiful, it doesn’t need to be a miserable journey. There are so many different pieces of gear that you can bring with you, some techniques you can put into play and some fun hacks that will make your rainy camping weekend a pleasure.

How to Survive Camping in the Rain

Pack a Groundsheet

When leaving on your camping trip, pack an extra groundsheet. Groundsheets will protect your tent from the cold, damp ground. When setting up your tent, lay it underneath your tent.

Line the Bottom of Your Tent

Even with a groundsheet underneath your tent, it is likely that moisture will still creep in when it is heavily raining. Add an extra lining to the inside of your tent to avoid it becoming wet. A heavy-duty plastic sheet will work well. Just place it along the floor of your tent, making sure it covers the entire bottom.

Don’t Forget Tarps and Rope!

Hang tarps over your tent and most used spaces to help keep your living area dry. Don’t forget to use the tarps to direct the rain away from your stuff by angling them slightly away .

Take a Gazebo

A pop-up gazebo is fantastic to have on hand when camping. Not only can the gazebo work as the perfect place to hang out outside on a rainy day without getting wet, but it can also provide a dry space to cook your meals.

Pack Microfibre Towels

These towels are fast drying and incredibly absorbent. They work perfectly for drying wet messes while camping in the rain, you can even use them to wipe down the outside of the tent.

Pack Plastic Bags

Different sized plastic bags do not take up too much space inside your camping gear. They will be trip savers if you get caught in the rain. Use big black garbage bags to keep your gear dry, store your wet stuff like shoes or wet clothes and even to keep firewood dry. Smaller plastic sandwich bags can be used to keep all other items dry such as food and medicines.

Find the Perfect Campsite

Finding the perfect campsite is incredibly important. Always remember that water will run downhill, so you will never want a campsite that is at the bottom of a hill. Pitch your tent at a campsite that won’t have pools of water anywhere, making your experience a drier one.

There are ways to survive camping in the rain, just make sure to be properly prepared for the elements. Always bring along a groundsheet, line the bottom of your tent, set up a pop-up gazebo, and pack microfibre towels and plastic bags. It is also important to ensure that find the perfect campsite to keep you dry. No matter the weather, a camping trip can be an exciting experience as long as you are prepared.