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Foolproof Tactics for Calming Down a Hyper Toddler

 Foolproof Tactics for Calming Down a Hyper Toddler

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If you have a toddler, you know how hyper than can get. It’s amazing to see those little bodies just bursting with energy, especially when you feel like you’re a few hours short on sleep. Although it’s healthy for toddlers to have a lot of energy, there are times that your hyper toddler needs to calm down.  Whether you need to cook dinner or get the baby to sleep and  need to get your hyper toddler to calm down, these tips will be sure to help.


Dim the Lights

If all of the lights are on, your toddler is probably ready to run around and explore. In order to get your hyper toddler to calm down a little, try dimming the lights. Not only will this cause your toddler’s body to think it’s close to bedtime or naptime, it also helps hide some of those awesome toys in the shadows. Your toddler will see less, which allows them to calm down a little.

Play Soothing Music

Soothing music can also work to help calm down your hyper toddler. Try a few different types of music, such as lullabies, classical music, or even softer country sounds. You can also try instrument-only music or go with songs that have soothing words. Either way, you’ll be amazed at how quickly soothing music can calm down your hyper toddler.

We have the Cloud B Tranquil Turtle and have found that it works really well not only for bedtime but for helping our girls calm down.  It features a super relaxing underwater light effect with a gentle wave motion and plays either soothing music or the sound of ocean waves.  When I am feeling stressed out it works wonders for me, so I totally recommend grabbing one or something like it.

Read a Book

Another great way to get your hyper toddler to calm down is to read a book. If possible, sit in a rocking chair and have your toddler climb into your lap. The soothing combination of the chair moving back and forth, along with the cadence of your voice, will slowly relax your toddler, allowing them to calm down.

Play with Puzzles

If your toddler won’t sit still long enough to read a book or cuddle, try sitting them down with a puzzle. This way they can have fun but are forced to stay in the same place. Focusing on the puzzle and staying in one spot will allow your toddler’s little body to unwind, slowing calming them down.  Plus puzzles are wonderful for their development; bonus!

Try Colouring

Toddlers love to colour and it is another great way to get them to sit still and focus.  Set them up with a box of crayons and a selection of colouring books and just watch all that frantic energy they have stored up just dissipate.

Make it Bathtime

If all else fails a nice warm bath filled with bubbles can go a long way towards calming down a toddler.  Relaxing is the best way to unwind and most toddlers love bathtime so it is win-win!


Do you have a hyper toddler? I’d love to hear about how you calm your hyper toddler!


Elizabeth Matthiesen

Friday 22nd of September 2017

I didn't have any hyper toddlers but I think that these are good tips. If one of mine got over excited about something I always found reading to them helped to calm them down.


Tuesday 8th of November 2016

I never had calm quiet mellow children, all of these still would have been a challenge for mine.

Lynda Cook

Friday 10th of June 2016

All great tips, mine is reading and rocking, that soothes and calms my granddaughter!!

kathy downey

Friday 20th of November 2015

We have one right now that bouncing off the walls,i hope some of these work for him

Elva Roberts6

Saturday 7th of November 2015

I had a very hyper toddler many years ago. He still cannot sit still, usually swinging his legs or whatever, I just tried to be calm with him when we were doing things together. I soon learned that , unless I spoke to him in a firm tone, he would not listen. I did not shout or repeat myself, I spoke to him firmly the first time and it usually worked very well. He was and is a good worker and is kind and compassionate. I am proud of him.