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Groggle’s Monster Valentine by Diana Murray


Groggle has been up all night making a Valentine’s Day card. This isn’t just any Valentine, though, and it has to be perfect—it’s for Snarlina, his beast friend in the whole wide world.

Searching in the dark forest, he finds just the right heart-shaped leaves. He collects some bog slime and squirts everything he wants to say in bold, gooey letters. Groggle’s creation looks horribly good. But there’s just one problem—gobble, crunch, crunch, slurp! He has a monster appetite!

Groggle tries again, this time writing poem after poem to make sure he has some extras just in case. He picks skunk flowers, carefully ties on snake bows, and sprinkles shiny beetle glitter. He decorates each card with care. But . . . gobble, crunch, crunch, slurp! Groggle’s monster impulses foil his efforts and he’s run out of time.

Will Groggle ever be able to give his toothsome, stomping, monstrous friend Snarlina a Valentine? Find out in this monster of a tale.


Groggle’s Monster Valentine is a monstrously sweet and heartwarming story perfect for Valentine’s day. It is funny, whimsical and beautifully-illustrated in a way that really brings life to the story with a unique, almost glowing style.

My 3 and 5 year old girls are absolutely delighted with this book. They laugh hysterically at the rhyming valentine cards Groggle so carefully created and even harder still each time Groggle devoured them.

I highly recommend this book to share with children on Valentine’s day. They are sure to adore the silliness of this story.

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Thursday 2nd of February 2017

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