DIY Christmas Stocking Holder

Last Updated on November 26, 2020

This DIY Christmas Stocking Holder tutorial is an easy holiday decor idea for those without a mantel!


This DIY Christmas Stocking Holder tutorial is an easy holiday decor idea for those without a mantel!

 A couple weeks ago I shared with you my DIY project for a DIY Christmas Card Display.  This DIY Christmas Stocking Holder is a similar project born out of my quest to solve the Christmas problems that arise when you have no mantel.   Also like the Christmas Card Display I used reclaimed wood from a wood pallet and Distant Star from the OPULENCE lifestyle collection of the BEHR Marquee line of paint in a flat sheen.  I dressed this project up with a little craft paint, glitter and a stencil along with dresser pulls for the “hangers”.


1 Wooden Plank
BEHR Distant Star
White Acrylic Paint
White Glitter
Snowflake Stencil

Foam Brush
Dresser Pulls (1 for Each Stocking to be hung)

Picture Hanging Kit (Wire)


DIY Christmas Stocking Holder

To get started I determined I wanted 5 hooks for my hanger so I figured out the spacing I wanted by the size of our stockings then cut the board down to size.

Next I drilled holes spaced evenly across the board, about 1/3 of the way up the board.

DIY Christmas Stocking Holder

I gave the plank two good coats of the BEHR paint.  It covers bare wood really nicely actually and it cuts down on time since I didn’t have to first prime the wood.


DIY Christmas Stocking Holder

Once dry I got out my crafting supplies and got started.  First paint the stencil with a foam brush and then sprinkle the glitter over the fresh paint.  Repeat all the way down the length of the board, changing up placement as you go so there is no real pattern.  Don’t worry if its not perfect, mine was far from professional looking but up on the wall it still looks pretty fab.


DIY Christmas Stocking Holder

If  you can try to use at least two different snowflake stencils to change things up.  If I were to do this again I would have planned out ahead of time the placement of each stencilled snowflake although that would have taken a whole lot longer to accomplish.


DIY Christmas Stocking Holder

The final steps are to screw in the drawer pulls into each drilled hole.

Then you need to install the picture hanging kit.  I used three hook/loops with the wire secured across them as taught as I could get it. 

In the wall you will want to  use two anchors and screws to bear the weight if you intend to hang your full stockings from the hanger.  If you can try to find the studs in the wall for extra strength.   This is all at your own risk so be sure you are doing this in a way that  you will not end up tearing a hole in your wall.


DIY Christmas Stocking Holder 

Once hung you can now hang up your stockings for a pretty (and functional!) display on the wall. 


This DIY Christmas Stocking Holder tutorial is an easy holiday decor idea for those without a mantel!


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26 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Stocking Holder

  1. I love the way you made your stocking holder. I think you made an excellent job of it. You are a true DIYer. You should be very proud of your work . It looks a lot like Christmas.

  2. Very pretty and a great idea! Might have to make one of these up for next year, running out of time for this year!

  3. Very nice!! I need to make myself something like that as well, and it’s easy enough for me to do on my own too!!

  4. I was looking at this DIY Christmas Stocking Holder. It is certainly a craft to spread Christmas Cheer and I am thinking about making something similar this year. Thank you for the list of supplies and the directions.

  5. Thanks for this! I’ve been trying to find a creative way to display our stockings until we can renovate our living room (it’s been 8 years, so it’s gonna be a while, I’m sure! LOL). I love this look!!

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