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Free Printable Clouds Activity Sheets

Download this Free Printable Clouds Activity Sheets Set for a fun and engaging learning experience for kids.

Download this Free Printable Clouds Activity Sheets Set for a fun and engaging learning experience for kids.

These Free Printable Clouds Activity Sheets offers kids a fun way to learn more about clouds and encourages them to enjoy watching the ever-changing sky.

Clouds are often strung across the sky like long curls of cotton candy. On a warm summer day, kids admire the fluffy puffs. When it’s cold and wintery, they look forward to seeing snowflakes falling from the sky.

These Free Printable Clouds Activity Sheets encourage children to watch for different types of clouds and learn about their unique characteristics.

Download this Free Printable Clouds Activity Sheets Set for a fun and engaging learning experience for kids.

My free printable clouds activity set comes with 7 different activities that will keep your kids busy and unplugged. This is such a fun set that can be enjoyed all year, but kids will particularly enjoy laying down in the shade watching the clouds go by during the summer.

You can download all 7 pages for FREE at the end of the article.

I would suggest grabbing a few of these dry erase pocket sleeves and some dry erase markers so kids can mark up the activity sheets, then erase them when they want to play again. That way you can reuse the Cloud Activities for Kids sheets you printed over and over.

Kinds of clouds printable sheet.

Kinds of Clouds

This sheet will help your child identify a few different types of clouds.

Begin by discussing the two types of clouds most often seen: cumulus and stratus. Cumulus clouds are puffy and formed like cotton balls next to one another, while stratus clouds cover a large area with a uniform flat appearance.

To help your child recognize cloud shapes use this sheet as a reference while observing the sky.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell which type they are, so here are some guidelines:

Cirrus – Sometimes these thin, wispy clouds can be confused for stratus, but cirrus clouds are always high in the sky and slightly grayish-white or rosy pink.

Stratus – If they look like a humongous flat cotton sheet, it’s probably stratus clouds.

Stratocumulus – Puffy like a cumulus with a blue or grey color, similar to a stratus cloud.

Cumulus – Puffy, white, and cotton-ball shaped.

Cumulonimbus – These are tall thunderclouds in the shape of a mushroom cap, often accompanied by lightning.

These are generally the most common types of clouds, there are others you can discuss as you see them. This includes:

Cirrocumulus – This one is commonly known as a mackerel sky, they form a rippling pattern in the sky.

Altocumulus – Sheets or patches of small but whispy cotton-ball shaped clouds.

Nimbostratus – Known as rain clouds, this type of cloud is a sheet with a flat bottom and grey in colour.

Weather tracing printable sheet.

Weather Tracing

This line tracing activity is an amazing and fun way to help build fine motor skills.

If your child likes this activity be sure to check out my Dinosaur printable sheets.

Types of clouds printable sheet..

Types of Clouds

This cloud identification sheet asks your child some multiple choice questions about the different types of clouds

What are clouds? printable sheet.

Fill in the blanks “What are Clouds” activity sheet

This activity sheet is a fun way for kids to learn a few more facts about clouds.

cloud gazing printable sheet.

Cloud Gazing Activity

Grab some outdoor blankets and a lap table. and send your child outside for a little cloud gazing. Have them identify and draw either the type of clouds they see OR have them look for animal shapes if you have the right sky for it.

cl;oud and weather observation printable sheet.

Cloud & Weather Observation

This Cloud & Weather Observation sheet is to help your child keep track of the sky every day. This is a great way to reinforce what they have learned about different types of clouds.

How clouds form printable sheet.

How Clouds Form

This sheet visually answers how clouds form.

Clouds are made of tiny droplets of water that evaporated. The droplets can turn into ice crystals in the sky. They can also become big drops of water that fall from the sky and make it rain.


This 7 page, Cloud Activities for Kids printable set is full of fun but educational activities to keep your kids engaged and learning!

Grab this Cloud Printable Activity Set for FREE and print it today.

The set includes:

  • Kinds of Clouds
  • Weather Tracing
  • Types of Clouds
  • What are Clouds?
  • Cloud Gazing
  • Cloud & Weather Observations
  • How Clouds Form

You may use this file for your own PERSONAL USE ONLY. File sharing, distribution, and commercial use of this file or of the printed work from this file are prohibited. You are welcome to print as many copies as you like for yourself. The designs can not be used for any commercial purpose or resold. You may NOT use these files for publishing on any platform under any circumstances.


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is there a lesson key?


Thursday 16th of November 2023

is there an answer key to your cloud activity 7 sheet pack?

Audrey O.

Thursday 12th of October 2023

I cannot believe you provided all of this for free. I am soo grateful and appreciative. I've just printed it and am soo excited for my daughter and I to explore it all this week. Thanks soo soo much!