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10 Reasons being a Childless Aunt (or Uncle) is Awesome!

10 Reasons being a Childless Aunt (or Uncle) is Awesome! You will quickly learn to appreciate how awesome being an aunt really is!


Are you about to become an aunt? Regardless if you’re a new aunt or have been an aunt for years, you will quickly learn to appreciate how awesome being an aunt really is. When you’re an aunt, you don’t have to raise the kids day in and day out. You can simply have fun with them and give them back. What’s not to love?


10 Reasons being a Childless Aunt (or Uncle) is Awesome!

You don’t set the rules
One of the best things about being an aunt is the fact that you don’t set the rules. You simply need to follow the rules that your brother or sister has set. For example, your niece or nephew might not like the rule that their parents set limiting TV or tablet time. Even if they’re upset about it, they know that when they’re with you, you’re simply respecting their parents’ wishes. This means that you aren’t the “bad guy” or disciplinarian in their lives so you get to stay “the cool one”.


You develop a special bond
There is a special bond that an aunt develops with a niece or nephew. To your nieces and nephews, you’re a friend to them. You’re there to do the fun stuff with them and are a listening ear when they need it. This creates a special bond that will last a lifetime, something that definitely makes being an aunt awesome.


You can totally spoil them
Parents to tend to worry about things, like spoiling their children. As an Aunt though, what better use of your disposable income can you think of than buying that adorable little face anything they desire?


You can splurge on annoying toys (and never have to get annoyed)
You know, like every single noise making toy that most parents avoid like the plague, knowing they’ll be driven insane. As an Aunt though? You get to enjoy your usual peace and quiet, and only have to listen to that 27 piece instrument set when you visit.


You have an Excuse to Play
Nieces and nephews are a great excuse to act like a kid. Hop up on that swing at the park, tackle the slides at the park, watch Frozen for the 80th time. Nobody will judge you as long as you are playing with the little ones!


You become your Sister or Brother’s Hero
No matter the length of time, whether a day or an hour, you will be a hero in your siblings eyes. They will be grateful for kid-free time to unwind, clean up or just adult for a little bit.


You never get used to sleep deprivation
One of the best benefits is that you  don’t have to miss out on sleep. While your sibling is exhausted after months of interrupted sleep, you get to enjoy night after night of uninterrupted sleep.


You Stop Hearing how your Mom will never have Grandchildren.
The pressure is officially off! For now.


You prepare for your own Parenthood (or not)
The hands-on experience – from giving a newborn a bath, to changing the odd diaper is a great way to experience some of the roles of parenthood yourself.


You can give them back
Especially when your nieces and nephews are younger, one of the perks of being an aunt instead of a parent is that you can give them back. Even if you have them spend the night, the next day you can hand over the kids to your brother or sister and spend the rest of the day recuperating. This allows you to do the fun things they want to do and devote all of your attention to them for short periods of time, giving you time to rest in between play dates. You don’t have to worry about the daily woes of parenting and when it is all over you get to enjoy your quiet home, full of sharp corners and choking hazards.


What is your favourite thing about being an aunt?


Sunday 14th of August 2022

The best part is that you can give them back


Tuesday 13th of December 2016

Being an aunt or uncle is a fun thing especially when you can spoil the kids.

Darlene W

Tuesday 13th of September 2016

These are certainly valid reasons and ideals that go along with being a childless aunt

Laurie P

Sunday 14th of August 2016

my kids have 2 aunts and an uncle without kids so my kiddos get plenty of attention from them and I love that!

Debbie White Beattie

Monday 8th of August 2016

This is me and I've been doing exactly what you've written. I wasn't lucky enough to have my own children but I've been a fabulous aunt. Spoil with love and objects is my job! This is a really fabulous post !