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Safari Tales: An Adventure in Literacy

 Safari Tales: An Adventure in Literacy         
Keira, my 3 year old, often wakes up with the sun, she is a real morning person.  This does not work well for me as I am decidedly not a morning person.  We’ve come to the understanding that is allowed to wake up and take my phone or a tablet to play on quietly in her room until the rest of the house wakes up for the day.
She faithfully opens up her games through the kid zone apps I have setup for her.  She loves playing all the educational games I have loaded onto my devices for her and her sister.  I am really picky about that I will install and give them access to and really limit the amount of time they have access to the devices.
.Safari Tales: An Adventure in Literacy
I was recently asked to check out SAFARI TALES™ from Kuato Studios. SAFARI TALES is a game for kids 4-10 years old that takes them on a fun reading adventure through the African Savannah with five baby animal friends.

The game features Safari animals, mini games, artifacts and relics to discover and collect.  During play children also learn facts about the environment they are exploring which not only helps with reading skills but also educates them about Africa.

Safari Tales: An Adventure in Literacy

One of Keira’s favourite mini games is bathing the animals with fruit juice to change their colour and fur patterns.  It’s a lot of fun and it keeps her engaged for quite a while before she wants to move on to other parts of the game.

Safari Tales: An Adventure in Literacy

Keira isn’t able to read yet but with my help we had some fun asking the in-game guide, Darwin, plenty of questions.  The app actually makes use of Apple’s SIRI technology to allow players to construct different questions which are then answered by Darwin with interesting facts.  To create questions for Darwin the player simply selects words and form a sentence.  This is helpful for teaching/learning proper sentence structures.

Safari Tales: An Adventure in Literacy

There are of course other fun activities in the game from a musical band, “The Jungle Beat Animals”, through to learning finger demands to get animals to move.

The only issue with the game that I found was that it is a bit difficult to move the animals around, especially for Keira who easily gets frustrated by running around in circles and bumping into trees.

Safari Tales: An Adventure in Literacy

As a family we love that at the end of the game the app actually generates a unique storybook about your child’s Safari adventure.  The storybook itself is interactive and encourages children to expand their vocabulary as you are able to switch through various synonyms at different points in the story.

Safari Tales: An Adventure in Literacy

Parents who wish to monitor usage of SAFARI TALES need only setup the settings in Parent Corner.  From here, access to the game can be PIN-restricted, parents can set their child’s reading age and can control game length from a variety of session times, ensuring playtime fits your rules.

Safari Tales: An Adventure in Literacy

Overall, SAFARI TALES is a fun game loaded with educational opportunities that truly engage young minds.

Safari Tales is available now on iOS, Android and Amazon.

Safari Tales: An Adventure in Literacy

Connect with Safari Tales

Join in the adventure at For more information visit and follow @KuatoStudios on Twitter and Facebook.

Disclosure:  This post has been brought to you by Kuato Studios.  All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

Susan T

Monday 14th of September 2015

This looks like such a great, educational game!

Fariha N.

Monday 31st of August 2015

I have twin nieces that really love playing games on their grandma's tablet. This looks like something that they would really enjoy and learn from while having fun.

Lynda Cook

Saturday 29th of August 2015

This sounds like a great app. for kids, especially for when they want to play around with your phone or tablet, this would be great waiting for appointments so they don't get bored of waiting!!

Judy Cowan

Saturday 29th of August 2015

Looks like a fun app. Will have to check it out for my niece. Thanks for the review.

kathy downey

Friday 28th of August 2015

I must remember to tell my daughter about this fun little educational game.