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5 Landscaping Ideas For Your Garden

5 Landscaping Ideas For Your Garden

Your garden is an extension of your home, reflecting your personality with specific plant choices. Whether you raise dwarf fruit trees or a simple flower garden, there are several ways to beautify it with unique landscaping ideas. Make your garden a feast for the eyes with some simple additions and renovations.

Pest Control With Beauty

Every garden has some pest issues, especially when warm spring and summer arrive. Beautify your garden, while repelling specific pests, by planting marigolds. These annuals provide a blast of color for your garden as they release particular compounds into the soil through their roots. Nematodes, or worm microorganisms, eat away at other plant roots, causing extensive dieback. By planting marigolds around your garden, their root compounds rid the soil of some nematode species. Nematodes either dieback or travel to other areas for sustenance, preventing you from using harmful chemical pesticides on your plants. Your other plants grow vigorously without root damage while the marigolds add a color depth that can’t be matched.

Organize And Hide Tools

True gardeners use many tools to cultivate and plant favorite species. These tools can take over the garden site, making it look unsightly between gardening chores. Store those tools in a shed. Several shed plans are available, based on your needs and yard size. A standalone shed works well for large yards, whereas a lean-to shed fits into small yards. Consider your tool quantities when thinking of a shed purchase. You want small tools to hang on a wall, for example. Larger tools, from aerators to lawnmowers, should have ample space on the floor. You may even have space for a small table to pot plants. Your garden looks well-kept with organized tools in a shed.

Naturalize Bulbs

You may have favorite daffodils or tulips that return each year in a corner of the garden. To expand your garden’s beauty, consider naturalizing the bulbs. Naturalizing simply means that you randomly select areas to plant them. For example, toss new bulbs up in the air gently, allowing them to fall to the ground. Plant the bulbs where they land. This strategy works well for large gardens and even corner lawns. Bulbs can find their way up through the lawn, giving you a unique look on spring days. Once they dieback, you’ll have a normal lawn until next growing season.

Research Your Ground Cover

Instead of mulch, you may want to surround some garden plants with ground cover. Several species are available to match your plants’ decorative look, but don’t just plant ground cover based on looks alone. Research ground covers to find slow-growing types. Aggressive growers may choke out your other plants, forcing them to dieback. Although slow-growing ground covers still need pruning control, they also share soil resources with your other desired plants. Unlike mulch, ground cover works as a natural erosion control. It works well on hilly gardens, holding all plants in place during a heavy rainstorm, for instance.

Add A Water Feature

You may be wary about adding a water feature to your garden, but it’s not as difficult as it sounds. Prefabricated pond liners are easily installed in the ground, allowing you to fill them with fresh water, pond lilies and fish. An added waterfall provides your garden with the beauty of sound. Rushing water is known to be a calming sound, making the garden an even more alluring place to visit.

Beautifying your garden doesn’t have to be about planting different flowers. Alter the landscape with practical additions, from water features to ground cover, to make the area look brand new. You’ll appreciate the new look every day as you pass your window.

Victoria Ess

Wednesday 21st of May 2014

I love these ideas! I wish I had more time and space to do something more with my garden, but hopefully I will get to it this summer. I am curious about what naturalizing will look like when the flowers come up.

Laurie P

Sunday 18th of May 2014

I've always included marigolds to keep the neighbors cats from pooping in my gardens (I'm still amazed people allow their cats to do this, just because YOUR cat is outdoors, that apparently gives others the right to MY property, I would never impose my pets on another person. Done rant.) Also, a hearty ground cover is effortless, and always looks amazing.


Saturday 17th of May 2014

Great tips! My garden really needs a makeover.

Darlene Schuller

Saturday 17th of May 2014

Geat ideas!!! I'm heading up to my mom's next weekend... we're going to do her lawn up and take out her summer furniture...

I love the idea of Naturalizing the bulbs this would be a great start to what she wants done..sporadic patches of flowers with a path... lol