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17 Ways to Remember our Veterans


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Remembrance Day ceremonies are just one way to honour and thank the Canadian men and women of the past, future and present for their sacrifices and achievements.  There are, however, many other ways throughout the year the remember, and taking an active role in remembering these people is the best way to say “thank you.”

  • Spread the word about Veterans’ Week, Remembrance Day, and commemorative events with social media by using the mobile app Veterans Matter
  • Liking Veterans Affairs Canada Facebook Page or following Veterans Affairs Canada on Twitter
  • Invite a Veteran or a Canadian Armed Forces member as a Guest Speaker to come and speak to your community group.
  • Listen to interviews with Veterans in the First World War Audio Archives.
  • Watch La force francophone and learn about French-speaking Canadians who served in the Second World War.
  • Watch The Land of the Morning Calm – Canadians in Korea 1950-1953 which presents Korean War history, archival footage, interviews with Veterans of the Korean War and an interactive comprehensive history calendar.
  • Watch a collection of online interviews through a searchable database, with Veterans from across Canada in “Heroes Remember.”
  • Watch Learning Videos and “Heroes Remember” Mini-Documentaries about the First World War, Second World War and the Korean War.
  • Watch the Veterans’ Week Vignette.
  • Watch military and remembrance themed videos from the Historica Heritage Minute Military Themed Collection External link, Opens in a new window.
  • Read the poem In Flanders Fields, and about Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae who wrote it.
  • Write to the troops, and let your Canadian Armed Forces members know you appreciate their service.
  • Write to Veterans and Canadian Armed Forces members, by participating in the “Postcards for Peace e-cards,” or “Valentines for Vets” projects.
  • Wear a poppy.
  • Pause for one minute of silence at 11:00 a.m. on November 11.
  • Organize a candlelight tribute ceremony at a cemetery to remember those who died during military service to Canada.
  • Adopt a Veteran’s grave in your community. With the permission of the person’s family or the cemetery, visit and take care of the grave. You could dig up weeds, plant flowers or clean the headstone.

How do you give Remember and give Thanks?

Victoria Ess

Friday 15th of November 2013

These are great ideas. I had never thought of going beyond wearing a poppy, but there are definitely more ways to extend my appreciation for the sacrifices of those who have gone to war.

Elizabeth Matthiesen

Monday 11th of November 2013

I am so grateful to those who put their lives in peril, those who give their lives, those who are maimed for life, those who suffer whether visibly or not, by fighting for freedom and against evil. My father, brother and 2 of my sons were in the forces and I was married to a soldier. I donate for a poppy every year and keep the silence in honour of these brave men and women of the past, the present and the future.

Chandra Christine O'Connor

Monday 11th of November 2013

donating for my poppy, and watching in my town the ceremony, and prayer