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Tissue Paper Fish Craft


If you are looking for a fun and colourful craft for kids, look no further than this easy tissue paper fish craft! Kids of all ages will love scrunching up paper to design their own fish.




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Tissue Paper Fish Craft

Supplies needed:


Cardstock – assorted colours

Tissue paper – assorted colours

Small googly eyes

Black marker






Begin by gathering the colours of cardstock you’ll be using.



You’ll need 2 large circles from the same colour of cardstock for each fish.



Leave one circle whole, cut the other circle into fourths. Cut one of the fourths in half again.



Now glue the larger of the pieces to the top and back of the circle for fins. Glue a smaller piece on bottom.



Adhere a small googly eye. And draw a simple mouth with the black marker.



Then, apply glue all along the body of the fish.



Take your tissue paper, rip pieces, and scrunch up with your fingers.



Position tissue paper along the glue on the body of the fish covered. Use one colour or multiple colours.



Swim away with these beautiful, colourful tissue paper fish!