Crumpled Paper Turtle Kids Craft

Slow down and make this adorable Crumpled Paper Turtle - it's a Kids Craft all ages can enjoy!


Over the last couple weeks most of us have been forced to drastically change our lifestyle in many ways. In my household it has meant spending a lot more time with kids as they are home from school and it has been a welcomed slowing down of our typical week.  Nothing exemplifies slowing down quite like an adorable little turtle.

Take some time with your kids this week to slow down a little yourself and enjoy some quality time together and make these cute little crumpled paper turtles. It’s a kids craft that all ages can have fun with!


Crumpled Paper Turtle Kids Craft

List of Supplies:

  • Coloured craft paper
  • Pencil
  • Marker pen
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue



1. Select different coloured craft paper and cut them into square pieces (about 3 cm x 3 cm).

2. Take one square and crumple it into a small ball shape. Crumple the rest of the squares into crumpled balls the same way.

3. Pick out other coloured craft papers and trace a large circle for the shell, four smaller ovals for the legs, a medium sized oval for the head and a  tail. Don’t forget two small circles on a white sheet for eyes! Cut out the shapes.

4. Take the round cut out and the crumpled paper balls. Start gluing the crumpled paper balls on the round pattern, starting from a side and sticking them adjacent to each other. Fill the entire round paper with them. This will be the shell of the turtle.

5. Once the round paper is filled allow the glue to dry for a while and then flip it to the other side. Take the other cut outs and attach them on the back side (the plain side).

6. Now flip the paper turtle back to its right side and attach the eye cut outs on the head part. Use a black sharpie to draw the eyes on the white eye cut outs.

Your turtle is ready!

Slow down and make this adorable Crumpled Paper Turtle - it's a Kids Craft all ages can enjoy!



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