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How To Teach Your Toddler to Wipe


You may be thinking about starting to potty train your toddler this summer. More time at home, and less layers makes it the perfect time to get started with potty training. I can almost guarantee that even if you have a plan of attack and feel totally prepared, that you haven’t thought about how to teach your child another toilet task. How to wipe their own bum.

One of the hardest parts of potty training is teaching them how to wipe their bums. Partly because you just don’t expect it to be a problem on your first go around. Partly because there are so many challenges that get in the way of your child being able to wipe themselves.

It’s so important to teach your child to wipe thoroughly too. If they don’t it can cause irritation and even possible infections.  Wiping bums is hard to do though, especially when you can’t quite reach and your motor skills just aren’t quite there yet. Ensuring that your child understands good washroom habits is important, even when you are helping them wipe.

Here are some tips on teaching your child to wipe themselves properly after each washroom use:


DO use Flushable Wipes

Always keep flushable wipes on hand during and after potty training – we love Kandoo Flushable Wipes in our home. You can never have too many wipes around your home. You will want to keep flushable wipes in every washroom within reaching distance for your child.



Flushable wipes are much easier for little ones to use and they get their bums much cleaner. My youngest always ends up with pieces of toilet paper stuck in her bum when she uses it instead of wipes. Kandoo Flushable Wipes just get their bums much cleaner than toilet paper – in fact they clean up to 30% better!



Kids will love using Kandoo Flushable Wipes because they’re moistened with lotion making the wipes soft and gentle on their bums. You will love them because they are free of parebens and sulfates meaning they’re safe for use on your little ones. The wipes come in unscented or magic melon – my kids love the magic melon scent, it gets them motivated about wiping after using the washroom.



Kandoo Flushable Wipes are also easy for little ones to use. They are small enough for little hands to use and the wipes pop up from the container with the push of a button.

Plus Kandoo Flushable Wipes are not only flushable but they are biodegradable making them safe for use in septic tanks.




DO Still Talk About Toilet Paper Use

Once your child is in school they may not have access to wipes so you should still talk about toilet paper use so they aren’t thrown off. One of the things I reinforce with my girls is that they are to use 3-4 squares of toilet paper each time. This helps prevent them from trying to use the entire roll in one go and also prevents them from trying to wipe with half a sheet.

They also need to know that with toilet paper they will need to wipe more than with wipes and that they need to check the paper, and if it’s not clean, to wipe again. Follow up with a Kandoo Flushable Wipe afterwards to ensure they are clean.


DO Demonstrate Proper Technique

To get your child on the right track towards being more independent and able to wipe themselves, explain what needs to be done from measuring the right amount of toilet paper to washing hands afterwards. Model for your child how to wipe from front to back – something both boys and girls need to do in order to avoid infection. Your child likely already follows you into the washroom, so take advantage of the time and model good hygiene techniques.



Ensuring that your child is clean and  independent is important – pick up Kandoo Flushable Wipes now at a retailer near you.



Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the Nehemiah Blogger Ambassador Program. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.




Tuesday 13th of June 2017

The wipes weren't around when my oldest was training but I did use them with my son. Thank goodness for Kandoo.


Tuesday 13th of June 2017

These wipes would have made it so much easier when I was potty training my daughters. Teaching the proper wiping technique is so important.


Tuesday 13th of June 2017

Oh i haven't seen these in the stores yet! I will have to find this for my daughter as we currently doing the same in our house!

kathy downey

Tuesday 13th of June 2017

Thanks for all the tips,it's so important to learn correctly.Your daughter has a lovely smile!


Tuesday 13th of June 2017

Elizabeth, this is such an unexpected, yet important, blog post. We don't have this product you are endorsing where I live, but toilet training is one of those things parents tend to fumble through on their own! My little one is very independent, and I appreciate your tips. I would just like to note that some flushable wipes can clog toilets as much as non-flushable wipes. So parents should beware.