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Lost My Name Personalised Books For Children


I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before but books are a big thing in my house.  Keira and Ava have a giant collection of books, some are new and some are from my own childhood.   They even have a few personalised books which are sure bets on capturing Keira’s attention and produces a giggle at every mention of her name.

We were sent a new personalised book for each of them from LostMy.Name to check out and share with you.  The book started as a DIY project by three dads and an uncle and it turned into something really great!

Unlike other kids personalised books that are in the market where the child’s name is in the story,the child’s name IS the story.  Every book is as special (and almost as wonderful) as the child it is made for and is based on the letters in their names.


Each Lost My Name book features the story of a child who had lost his or her name. Off the child goes on an adventure to track down all the letters of their lost name from a whole host of different creatures, until finally the child is able to spell their name!

Ordering the books is easy.  There isn’t much to do but input your child’s name and sex then off you go to preview the story prior to ordering. 

When the two books arrived I immediately fell in love with them; the stories are cute and fun with lots of different creatures and characters to meet along the way.  The illustrations are pretty gorgeous too! 

I was wondering if there would be a huge length difference between Keira’s and Ava’s books but noticed that they threw in some filler type pages into Ava’s book that aren’t found in Keira’s story so they end up around the same length.  I thought that was pretty smart and showed how much thought has gone into this whole project.

Another detail taken care of is multiples of a single letter in a name.  For example, Ava has two A’s in her name.  In her book, the little girl encounters an Aardvark, a Viking and an Angel.  


I love how varied and not-so-typical the characters involved are.  In Keira’s book the little girl encounters a Knight, an Elephant, an Inuit man, a Robot, and an Aardvark.

The books themselves are A4 landscape sized with nice thick pages to help with resist being torn by eager little hands.  Speaking of little hands, the books are intended for ages 2-6 but I think they make pretty marvellous gifts for newborns and infants as well.  They do get older don’t they?  Ava loves being read to and since the books have thicker pages she isn’t able to tear it apart the way she has ruined others.

I really love this unique approach to personalised books and am totally amazed that they are self-published and self-funded.  They created over 150 illustrations, to be able to make books for every name. 


Buy it:

A personalised book costs $27.99 including free world-wide shipping.


kathy downey

Friday 12th of September 2014

What an awesome gift this will make for Christmas

Amy Lovell

Wednesday 13th of August 2014

These books look awesome! The story line sounds silly and I love how there are more than one book like this! Will def be looking into for my kiddos thanks!

Stephanie LaPlante

Monday 11th of August 2014

These would make such a lovely gift.

kathy downey

Friday 8th of August 2014

What a lovely keepsake to give

Darlene Schuller

Friday 1st of August 2014

Wow, that is unique, I would soo love to get one for Saedy for her Christmas this year!