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Saving Mr. Banks Blu-Ray Review

Saving Mr. Banks Blu-Ray Review

The Extraordinary, Untold True Story of the Origins of a Disney Classic

Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson bring to life the untold true story about the origins of one of the most treasured Disney classics of all time. John Lee Hancock (The Blind Side) directs this acclaimed film, which reveals the surprising backstory behind the making of Mary Poppins. Determined to fulfill a promise to his daughters, Walt Disney (Hanks) tries for twenty years to obtain the rights to author P.L. Travers’ (Emma Thompson) beloved book. Armed with his iconic creative vision, Walt pulls out all the stops, but the uncompromising Travers won’t budge. Only when he reaches into his own complicated childhood does Walt discover the truth about the ghosts that haunt Travers, and together, the set Mary Poppins free.

On Blu-ray and Digital HD, Saving Mr. Banks sweeps viewers away with enchanting high definition picture and sound, plus delightful, never-before-seen bonus features, including “The Walt Disney Studios: From Poppins to Present,” in which director John Lee Hancock takes viewers on an insider’s tour of Disney Studios today and reflects on studio life during the creation of Mary Poppins. Additional bonus materials include “Let’s Go Fly a Kite,” in which the film’s cast and crew sing an impromptu version of the iconic song on set during the last day of shooting, and deleted Scenes.

 Ok, so I have a confession to make, and this may be somewhat shocking considering I am such a huge Disney fan.  Especially when it comes to Disney Classics. Right,well, I have never seen Mary Poppins.  Not once.  I am not sure why that is, but I’ve never been afforded the opportunity to sit down and watch it.  I know the general gist of the movie. I know about and can spell Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – this was an important skill in grade school during the 80s.   I’ve just never actually seen the movie.  This admission is verging on the heinous, I know.

That said, I still found Saving Mr. Banks to be a charming movie and an insightful look at Old Hollywood, the making of such a classic film and at Walt Disney himself. 

Emma Thomspon did an excellent job at creating an authentic feeling character in Ms. Tavers.  I truly enjoyed watching Ms. Tavers stone-heart melt slowly throughout the film as her story is revealed to the viewer. I also most definitely enjoyed her witty exchanges.  Tom Hanks, of course, did an excellent job at being the smooth talking and ever charming Walt Disney.

Where this film could have been a shameless PR move, and I was worried that is what it would be, it manages to be a highly entertaining film.

Bonus Materials:

  • The Walt Disney Studios: From Poppins to Present (Blu-ray & Digital HD) – Join Director John Lee Hancock on a tour of the Disney Studios lot, reflect on studio life during the making of Mary Poppins, and discover how Walt’s creative spirit still flourishes today.

  • Let’s Go Fly a Kite (Blu-ray & Digital HD) – Cast and crew sing break out in a rousing, heartfelt tribute to Composer Richard Sherman on the last day of filming.

  • Deleted Scenes

  • Stargaze (Blu-ray & Digital HD)– A picture on Walt’s desk leads to a flashback of Pamela’s childhood.

  • Nanny Song (Blu-ray, DVD & Digital HD)– The Sherman Brothers perform a song for Pamela that she is less than thrilled with.

  • Pam Leaves (Blu-ray & Digital HD)– After yet another disagreement with Walt, Pamela leaves his office and heads for the airport.


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kathy downey

Tuesday 7th of October 2014

I love Tom Hanks,but I have not seen this one yet

Elizabeth Matthiesen

Saturday 19th of April 2014

Saving Mr. Banks is a film that didn't appeal to me at all. However I do like both Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson so I might just have to watch it after all :-)

Victoria Ess

Tuesday 8th of April 2014

I love this movie and am a big fan of Tom Hanks!


Sunday 6th of April 2014

Loved this movie!

Karen Glatt

Thursday 3rd of April 2014

This looks like such a good movie and I would love to see this movie soon! I love Tom Hanks and I bet he does a great job playing Walt Disney. I like to see how he made Mary Poppins. That is one of my favorite movies!