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Good Mornings with GLAD® Odour Guard® Bags with febreze™ Freshness

GLAD® Odour Guard® Bags with febreze™ Freshness

 I don’t know about you but the weeks leading up to Christmas are so hectic it is hard to stick to any kind of routine.  This year has been worse for us because I’m also in the midst of planning Ava’s 1st Birthday Bash and my blog has never been busier.  My to-do list keeps growing between deadlines, laundry, and keeping my children alive and happy.  Admittedly I get behind with housework at the best of times and that can lead to stinky situations like trash sitting around a little too long in the kitchen bin.  We eat a lot of fruit and vegetables so even just leaving it overnight once can be an issue!

There is just something about coming down tot he kitchen in the morning to brew a hot pot of coffee and smelling nothing but trash that just isn’t very appealing. 

This is where GLAD® Odour Guard® Bags with febreze™ Freshness comes in to help make your home just a little bit more comfortable.  I was sent a few packages of the GLAD® Odour Guard® Bags to check out for myself and I was really impressed with its ability to neutralize the trash odours rather than just mask it with more odour. 

The bags are available in  both Easy-Tie Kitchen Compostable Bags with Febreze Freshness  and Kitchen Catchers Bags in a variety of sizes and two scents – fresh clean and lavender.  They do come with an Easy-Tie closure which makes it super easy to tie up even when your bag is full.   What this means is that you no longer need to worry about changing the trash every single day.  You can wait until the bag is full since there is never an unpleasant odour taking over your home.

The Compstable bags are available in small and tall sizes with the added bonus of being 100% compostable and BPI certified.  The kitchen catcher bags are available in roomate, regular, large and tall sizes.  They both provide the quality and strength needed to make it from bin to curb in one piece plus I no longer have to hold my breathe as I changed the garbage bin.

Wait what?  Compostable Bags in the Diaper Bin?

I found the tall bags even work well in our bin for disposable diapers.  We don’t use them often and usually end up wasting rather expensive diaper bin bags that do nothing to contain the awful smell which seems to build up pretty quickly.  It once got to the point where we left for a weekend trip and forgot to change the bin before we left.  When we got home and opened the front door it literally smelled like someone had died in our home.  It was literally gag worthy.  The GLAD® Odour Guard® Bags with febreze™ Freshness have been an amazing solution for us in that regard!

Everyone hates dealing with garbage so why worry about foul-smelling bins and hazardous trips from the kitchen to the curb that end with leaky bags, smelly cans and rogue pieces of food.  Just use GLAD® Odour Guard® Bags with febreze™ Freshness and just sit back with some tea and take in a few deep breaths of fresh smelling air.


Victoria Ess

Sunday 22nd of March 2015

Glad bags are great and definitely my go-to brand for getting the job done.

kristy e

Tuesday 6th of January 2015

I had no idea they made compostable bags! must try them

Laurie P

Thursday 18th of December 2014

If you've been using whatever bags you have on hand for garbage, then try'll see the HUGE difference in quality! Not sure I'll ever go back lol

Anna W

Tuesday 16th of December 2014

I buy The Compostable bags and they are great, they don't leak at all and I just toss them in the green bin on pickup day.


Friday 12th of December 2014

These are a lifesaver! We keep Febreze bags stocked in our house at all times.