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How to Organize Your Home Office on a Budget

 If you want to organize your home office and keep it organized, these tips to help you Organize Your Home Office on a Budget will help! |


When you have a home office, it can be really easy to let those papers and bills stack up.  Add in all of your office supplies, and your home office quickly becomes a mess. That type of mess can get frustrating to have to look at and eventually deal with.  If you want to organize your home office and keep it organized, these tips to help you Organize Your Home Office on a Budgety will help!


File Your Papers

That stack of papers is the perfect place to start when organising your home office. You have a lot of options when it comes to papers, including using a filing cabinet, file folders, or even a scanner to electronically file them. When deciding the best option for tackling that stack of papers, you will want to decide how much of your budget will go towards that mess and which option makes the most sense to you. To maximise your budget it is a good idea to look at what you already have on hand. Already having a filing cabinet and no scanner? That should be a no brainer.

To get started, go through each piece of paper one at a time and either shred/recycle it, file it or take action from it.

Organise Those Office Supplies

After filing your papers, you’ll want to tackle all of those office supplies cluttering your home office desk. Check out the dollar store for home office organisation items for pen holders and more. They don’t need to be fancy or expensive since you can easily use washi tape or Con-Tact paper to decorate them. This way, you can keep those pens, paper clips, and staples organised without sacrificing style.

Find Some Drawer Organisers

When it comes to organization, out of sight is best! Even if everything in your home office is in the correct space, a lot of items on your desk or shelves can definitely look cluttered. Put some of your office supplies out of sight by finding some cheap drawer organisers or by making your own. You’ll love how your home office looks once this step is complete.

Conceal cables and wires.

Cables and wiring all over the place can create a cluttered look. Use zip ties to neaten and tuck away cables out of sight.

Utilize Wall Space

This is often the one space people forget about when organizing their office. Use your wall space to hang  calendars, boards, shelving and more. When you start to go vertical you start to create yourself more space.

Back Up Your Files
You are bound to lose computer data at some point. That is a given, and it can be costly. It may be a good idea to invest in a backup system – whether that is an external hard drive or to a cloud drive. Cloud drive space can be free or inexpensive depending on how much data you have to backup and also offers more protection. i,e. If your house burns down you will not lose your precious data.


Organizing your home office on a budget is possible with a little creativity. 


What are your best tips for keeping your home office looking neat and organised?