The “bag” is created by pulling the 7-layer film down the refill “hoop” and tying off the bottom. Each refill can hold up to 270 newborn diapers which is pretty good value for the cost of refills. When it comes time to change the bag you simply push the button and the system opens up to allow you to easilypull down on the film and cut the bag off using the cutter installed in the pail and then tie it off.

The Diaper Genie now comes with a Carbon Filter and the carbon filter holder in place on the lid.  The carbon filters are made with activated carbon that is safe and natural which works to lock in odour molecules rather than just trying to mask odour with fragrance. 

I have learned that you need to be sure you don’t overstuff the disposal system and change the bags regularly.  The carbon filter can only do so much!