Line Study Vampire Art for Kids

Last Updated on September 16, 2020


This Line Study Vampire Art for Kids is a fun project for Halloween that will let kids get really creative with lines and colours.

Line Study Vampire Art for Kids


Construction Paper (or cardstock)
Fine Tip Black Marker
Crayons, Markers or Coloured Pencils


Download and print out the vampire template.

Draw lines in each of the separate lined areas.



Pay close attention to keep the lines within the right areas. Leave the white areas without any lines. (eyes, fangs and shirt)

Change your pattern to really mix things up! Keep doing this until you are finished.



Color the vampire’s skin flesh toned, his cape, bowtie and the background a bold colour!

Keep the white areas clean from crayon.



Once finished, cut the excess border off the template and glue onto black construction paper or cardstock.

You could print this half size and turn these into unique and fun Halloween cards!



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