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Julep Maven July 2013 Summer Days and Nights Mystery Big Box Reveal



Julep released a selection of 3 different Summertime Mystery boxes in July that include two new exclusive colours in each box! Both of Julep’s new, exclusive, full-coverage glitter polishes are included – Kyla – Coral orange glitter & Monica – Multidimensional pink glitter.

These were the available options:

Summer Days: Shades inspired by sun & sand- $24.99 (value $70-$200). The colors in this box are “soft and beachy”.

Summer Nights:
Hues that heat up the evening – $24.99 (value $70-$200). The colors in the Summer Nights box are “edgy and bold”.

Day & Night: A bit of both – $39.99 (value $125-$300). The Summertime Big Box takes you seamlessly from day to night, giving you the best of both worlds.

I opted for Day & Night because I couldn’t decide which of the two smaller boxes I was most interested in.  So what did I get for $39.99:



Monica – $14.00 Maven Price: $11.20 (Multidimensional pink glitter)

Kyla – $14.00 Maven Price: $11.20 (Coral orange glitter)

Emmanuelle – $14.00 Maven Price: $11.20 (Sheer warm pale pink crème. Finish: Sheer/Frost/Pearl)

Nicolette – $14.00 Maven Price: $11.20 (Opaque french white. Finish: Crème)

Amber – $14.00 Maven Price: $11.20 (Golden bronze suede. Finish: Special Effect)

Felicity – $14.00 Maven Price: $11.20 (Yellow gold metallic chrome. Finish: Metallic/Chrome)

Raegan – $14.00 Maven Price: $11.20 (Electric dark pink crème. Finish: Crème)

Toe Separators – $1.00

Glycolic Hand Scrub – $1.00

Double Duty Makeup Brush – $28.00 Maven Price: $22.40


Total Value: $128

Kyla & Monica Julep Polish

So far I’ve only used Kyla and Monica and I am in LOVE with these two colours!  I think this is the first mystery box I’ve bought that I’ve liked everything in it so for me this box was definitely worth the $39.99.


If you are interested in joining Julep & Getting your first box FREE:

1. The boxes are $19.99 a month and you get your choice of box.

2. You can easily skip any month.

3. You can try the box out for FREE by using these Promo codes: FBFREE, FREEMAVEN or FREEBOX

Go to and fill out your Style Profile, pick your box and don’t forget to use the Promo code!


Are you a Julep Maven and if so, did you order a Summertime Mystery Box?

kathy downey

Tuesday 2nd of September 2014

Interesting,will check this out

Heidi C.

Saturday 10th of August 2013

I like that you can opt out on a month-to-month basis. That way you can be a bit more selective in what you receive :)

Stephanie LaPlante

Monday 5th of August 2013

That's sooo cool. I'm getting my free box.

Heidi C.

Sunday 4th of August 2013

I must say I like the colours that were included! Up until now, I have found the mystery colours to be a little "hit or miss" but the two you emphasized are really nice!

Victoria Ess

Sunday 4th of August 2013

That's such a great value, and those colours are such fun! I rarely wear nail polish myself, so no, I don't subscribe to Julep.