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Little Charmers Hazel Kitty Headband Kids Craft #LittleCharmers

When it comes to television aimed at preschoolers … there are a whole lot of reruns. This means I get even more excited than my kids over the introduction of a new series.  Especially when the new series has something to offer in the way of reinforcing the values I teach them. Little Charmers - logoIf you haven’t caught Little Charmers on Nick Jr or Treehouse, the series takes place in the magical land of Charmville filled with mythical creatures ranging from ogres to tooth fairies to leprechauns.  The show focuses on three adorable Charmers-in-Training (C.i.T.’s) who are excited to get a broom-handle on their new magical powers!

Hazel and her 2 best friends, Posie and Lavender, try their best to make good use of their new magical powers, but more often than not their magic leads to hilarious misadventures! Fortunately their most important power is that of true friendship, and the Charmers quickly learn that a mix of teamwork and self-confidence together can overcome whatever mishap and mayhem their magic creates.

The show is fun, vibrantly coloured and features fun songs that had my little ones singing along!

Check your local listings for time and date for traditional viewing or watch full episodes anytime online at &




Hazel is the lead Charmer who also has the most powerful magic. She is a fearless, pint-sized go-getter who flies (and leaps) before she looks. Hazel’s glittery magic wand adds even more sparkle to her big heart and passion for friendship. She is also as curious as her mischievous cat, Seven.


Posie is a “spellerina” who can come up with spells for any occasion with a harmonious song and dance you’ll describe as sweet and quirky. She is accompanied by her magical flute-wand and her pet Owl (named Treble) –
they’re a real hoot!


While a “potionista” in training, Lavender is a “fashionista” at heart. Her funky potion bottle wand helps stir up the perfect potions…and outfits too! Lavender is adored by her friends for her patience, honesty and Flare (her goofy but adorable baby dragon).



Your little ones can experience the magic of Charmville from home, with the new line of Little Charmers toys!  Check out Little Charmers dolls, magic wands, plush toys and more at Toys R Us!

Take a peek while Keira, my 3 year old, checks them out!


After watching a couple episodes and playing with the toys we decided to get a little creative.  With a few supplies we sat down and designed our own Little Charmers inspired headbands.

 Little Charmers Hazel Kitty Headband Kids Craft       

Keira decided she wanted to bling hers out but I decided to make her a headband to mimic Hazels!


I used purple ribbon to wrap around the headband and secured it down with glue.

Little Charmers Hazel Kitty Headband Kids Craft

I created the ears by forming a triangle out of a pipecleaner and wrapping the excess plus a second pipecleaner around the shape.

Little Charmers Hazel Kitty Headband Kids Craft

I then used a star cut out and placed jewel stickers down onto it. I secured the jewelled star to the ear of the headband with some hot glue.

Little Charmers Hazel Kitty Headband Kids Craft

Next place on your little ones head and watch as they pretend to be Hazel along with her magical wand!

Little Charmers Hazel Kitty Headband Kids Craft

Keira had some interesting results with her headband but had a ton of fun in the process.

Little Charmers Hazel Kitty Headband Kids Craft

Little Charmers Hazel Kitty Headband Kids Craft


Join the Little Charmers for magical moments and exciting adventures online! Explore the world of Charmville and join the everyday adventures of Hazel, Posie, Lavender and all  of their magical friends!  Watch video clips, play web games, find free printable activities and more!

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Disclosure: This post is part of the Charmville Mom Ambassador program. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

kathy downey

Sunday 18th of October 2015

This is creative,i love it


Saturday 17th of October 2015

Very sweet. I like the little charmers, they're precious. :)


Friday 16th of October 2015

How adorable they are! What great gift idea.

Ann Bacciaglia

Friday 16th of October 2015

Little Charmers will make a great gift for the Holidays. The headband is so cute. I will have to make some with my friends little girls.


Friday 16th of October 2015

Our girls just love Little Charmers!! This would be a great craft for them :)