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Idiot’s Guides Now Available in Full Colour

A- idiots-guides-in-full-colour-button-185x185Step by step and now full colour picture by full colour picture, learning is a whole lot easier and much more fun when you can see how it’s done.

Whether it’s bestselling guides re-imagined with new authors and all-new colour photography or exciting new topics, the new Idiot’s Guides make it easy to learn faster and easier than ever before!

The all new collection of Idiot’s Guides are now available.  There are plenty of really interesting topics to learn about but looking over the topics I was immediately interested in Quilting and Digital Photography so I decided to check these two titles out for myself.

Idiot's Guides QuiltingIdiot’s Guides Quilting

Quilting is a traditional skill that is making a comeback! Covering both machine and hand quilting, Idiot’s Guides: Quilting includes hundreds of eye-catching, step-by-step color photos that will turn any novice into an expert quilter in no time. The book also includes more than 20 sample projects to reinforce quilting skills and to spark creativity.

 I’ve never quilted before but I’ve always wanted to and never knew where to start so I am definitely part of this title’s demographic audience.  I like that it really breaks things down into simple terms that make picking up the book and going through it an easy task.  The author takes the time to break down the supplies you will need to hand quilt or machine quilt.  There is even a couple page spread on how to set-up your sewing machine if you need that level of support.

I really appreciate that the author even takes the time to walk us through choosing colours as well as fabric types, how to prepare the fabric, how to piece quilt blocks and more right up to assembling the quilt and actually quilting.

There are even a handful of really great quilting projects included.  My favourite being the “Princess Charlotte” Crib Quilt which I would love to do as a full sized quilt. the chevron design is quite pretty. 

This could quite easily be the Quilters Bible.

Idiot’s Guides Digital photography Idiot’s Guides Digital Photography

Idiot’s Guides®: Digital Photography is the simplest guide to becoming a confident photographer and taking better pictures with any DSLR camera.

This introductory guide to digital photography explains the essential technical basics of every camera and lens. Illustrated step-by-step instructions teach you how to take pictures like the professionals. Master the timeless principles of great photography like balance, perspective and contrast. Plus, learn to do more with your photography skills through unique and creative projects by capturing portrait, panoramic and time-lapse images. You can finally switch your DSLR off ‘auto’ mode and create beautiful, inspiring images!

If you want to improve your photography skills without having to focus on complicated or quickly outdated techniques, Idiot’s Guides®: Digital Photography is perfect for you.

 I’ve been working on my photography skills over the past year now and I think I’ve made a lot of progress just by playing around with my DSLR.  Nevertheless, I knew I wanted this book to help me learn some of the theory and techniques needed to take my photography even further.

The first part of the book breaks down the basics from settings to equipment and more.  It is basically everything you need to know to start shooting.  The second part of the book details different types of shots you may encounter and shares how to and not to deal with them.  The third part puts everrything together and challenges you to tackle various projects that require you to put into play various shooting techniques.

I can’t wait to use this title to take my photos to a whole new level.




Victoria Ess

Friday 14th of November 2014

I really want the Digital Photography guide! These look like great ways to learn about something!


Sunday 19th of October 2014

All though the titles are meant to be -tongue in cheek- I wouldn't not purchase a book with this title. I do not consider myself an idiot. This is my opinion