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Get some RED HOT DEALS at The Beauty Supply Outlet! #BSOBeautyBlitz


Just a short while ago I found my brothers wedding day was quickly approaching and while I wasn’t part of the wedding party I still wanted to look my best.  I unfortunately left getting a hair appointment to last minute which ended up not working out at all.  I have very thick and curly hair but because of the weight of it my hair generally just turns into a big frizzy mess.   I usually deal with it by ironing it straight and then forgetting it.  Probably not the best hair style for a wedding, especially not after buying a new outfit just for the occasion!

I didn’t have time to book an appointment at my favourite salon.  The wait list is always long and I definitely left it to the last minute.  Cue panic.


The Beauty Supply Outlet

I was invited to visit The Beauty Supply Outlet in Burlington, Ontario at 3315 Fairview Street and I figured it was probably the perfect time to head over and get some help from the professionals.  In case you are unfamiliar, The Beauty Supply Outlet is your one-stop beauty product supply store that carries the top hair and beauty brands. When you visit one of their stores in Ontario you’ll find a huge selection of top brands and RED HOT DEALS on hair care and beauty products.

If you love a bargain you need to check out the Red Hot Deals at the Beauty Supply Outlet,  but they do change frequently so you have to stop in often and look for the Red Hot Dot in store.


The Beauty Supply Outlet


As soon as I entered the store I was greeted by a beauty consultant with a warm greeting and smile.  As someone who has worked in retail I really notice the little details and the one thing that always gets me is when I am either ignored upon entering a store or I am bombarded with “Can I help you?” immediately upon stepping foot through the door.  That second one annoys me more than being ignored.  We were off to a good start and I had a feeling I’d be walking out feeling satisfied.

I explained my situation and mentioned I was thinking that a curling iron might be a good option so I could get perfect curls but I honestly didn’t know where to start.  We went over to where the appliances were and I almost immediately noticed a Paul Mitchell 3-in-1 Express Ion Unclipped Curling Iron.    I loved the idea that it was so versatile, from such a well-known and high quality brand and was marked at an incredible price point.  Honestly, a $299 hair appliance marked down to $109?  I was all over that deal like any normal person would be.  The beauty consultant reaffirmed my choice and explained all the benefits of the iron.


The Beauty Supply Outlet

She then went the extra mile to show me how to use the iron from putting it together to how to get the best results from it.  Honestly I was so blown away by how friendly and happy she was to make sure I walked away a completely happy customer.  It was funny, as she was talking to me about the curling iron, another customer started listening in and ended up grabbing the same curling iron for herself too.   That is the difference that expert advice and knowledge makes; it leaves you feeling confident about your purchase.

The beauty consultant also explained that I would want hair product specifically for hot styling which I knew, I have product for my straight iron so that my hair doesn’t get damaged and stays shiny and strong.  She actually gave me a few different products to look at and explained the benefits of each one.  Her recommendations were very helpful  and by the time we were at the register I felt like the whole wedding situation was under control.


The Beauty Supply Outlet

Feeling confident I headed home and did a trial run on my hair just to make sure there would be no mis-haps when it came time to prep for the wedding.  Which by the way, was the very next day.

I got my new curling iron home and had it out and running in less than a minute thanks to all the information I was given at The Beauty Supply Outlet.  Not only does it come with three different curling wands for different curl tightness, it comes with a 3 finger glove to help protect against burns.  It’s use had been demonstrated to me at the Beauty Supply Outlet so it was easy to get on, otherwise I probably would have been a little confused upon finding it!

I was super happy with the results I got from the curling iron and thanks to the 450 Protect from the Style Sexy Hair line from Sexy Hair Concepts which was recommended to me by the beauty consultant, my curls actually stayed put until I slept on them.  Without crunchy hair even. 

What do you think? Better than straight?

The Beauty Supply Outlet


Don’t forget to check out the latest Beauty Supply Outlet RED HOT DEALS now on and find the location closest to you so you too can visit and take advantage of those RED HOT DEALS!  You can also Sign up for their eNewsletter at so you can be the first to hear about the latest Red Hot Deals and new products!


This post was brought to you by The Beauty Supply Outlet via sheblogs. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of The Beauty Supply Outlet, a division of Regis Corporation.

kathy downey

Sunday 6th of December 2015

I would love to be close enough to spend a few hours in that store

Susan T

Tuesday 15th of September 2015

Your hair turned out great! Will have to consider getting that curling iron!

Linda Bragg

Sunday 9th of August 2015

Your hair looks very nice. I'm sure with all that long hair it had to take a while curling it yourself!! I have short hair and its been a long time since having long hair. I wish I could be patient enough to let it grow at least once more. I love your curls but I also like your long straight hair too. Your hair looks very healthy. I have not been to this beauty supply outlet before. The closest one to me, looks like it is in Markham north of here where I live. I do go to beauty supply stores tho to get the products I want, as I am a licensed hairstylist...(retired now) after 40 plus yrs of fixing hair!!! and loving it!!.

Lisa Coomer Queen

Friday 16th of January 2015

I love that look! The 3 in 1 may be exactly what I am looking for. I have hair like yours. Even if I try it curly it is still frizzy. Thanks for the tip and review.

Victoria Ess

Monday 27th of October 2014

I love your hair!!! I shop at BSO for SO many things, like shampoo and conditioner, nail polish, hair brushes, the list goes on!