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Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Set & Deluxe Jenny Doll #FMEGifts2015

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Set & Deluxe Jenny Doll #FMEGifts2015

Keira has had her Holly Our Generation doll for a year now and she has pretty much become part of our lives.  Holly got a tent camping set from us for Keira’s birthday and that is where she goes to sleep at night.  Keira is careful to tuck her into her sleeping bag after getting her into her pj’s.  She loves brushing Holly’s hair before bringing her out to play. 

Now Holly has a new friend – Jenny!

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Set & Deluxe Jenny Doll #FMEGifts2015

Jenny is a beautiful 18 ” poseable Our Generation doll from their Deluxe collection.  She wears an apron with ruffles over a denim skit and blouse along with matching red shoes.   Her hair is dark blond, long and wavy, and comes tied back with red ribbons – a perfect complement to her gorgeous green eyes.

She is ready to get baking with her pair of oven mitts, chef bag,  whisk and mixing bowl!  She also comes with a cupcake tray, 4 cupcakes, an icing tube, a sketch book, and an OG story book “The Sweet Shoppe Mystery” and bookmark.
Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Set & Deluxe Jenny Doll #FMEGifts2015
At first Keira said that Jenny could be Ava’s doll but I hadn’t even gotten around to unboxing her before Keira decided that Jenny was going to be Holly’s best friend.  Which of course meant Jenny had to be her doll. 
Keira couldn’t wait to play with Jenny, and kept telling me she wanted to make cupcakes with Jenny and the Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Set.
Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Set & Deluxe Jenny Doll #FMEGifts2015

The Gourmet Kitchen set is just an incredible toy.  It’s perfect for both preschoolers and for older children who have perhaps outgrown their own toddler oriented kitchen sets.  It is quite detailed and comes with a variety of accessories including a large mixing bowl, baking pans and sheets, canisters with lids, glasses, a measuring cup, measuring spoons, a mixing spoon, a phone, a pitcher, a plant, plates, a pot, a spray bottle, a spatula, a sponge, and more.  The kitchen also includes a variety of different food items including cupcakes, muffins, cheese, sandwich triangles tin cans, vegetables, and more.  There is even a box of hot chocolate with 6 individual hot chocolate packages inside!

Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Set & Deluxe Jenny Doll #FMEGifts2015
This set is really high quality with lots of thought put into the design.  The clock opens for more storage as does the microwave, dishwasher, stove and heating drawer. 
It is made to be compatible with any 18″ doll and you really cannot beat the value.  This would be a great set for those parents who do not want to pay for a pricey kitchen set for their child’s 18″ doll.  The quality is spectacular – it is sturdy enough to stand up against both my preschooler and toddler with daily play.  (They race to play with this set everyday!)
Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Set & Deluxe Jenny Doll #FMEGifts2015
The best part though is that Keira actually enjoys cleaning Jenny’s kitchen.  She makes a huge mess playing with the set, especially when her little sister gets involved in play, but she delights in cleaning it all up again and putting everything in it’s place.  So much so that she always has me come look at how neat and tidy she has gotten it!
I have yet to be disappointed with Our Generation and judging by the way Ava keeps stealing Jenny to play with, I think I’m going to be picking up one of her own to play with.  I’m really loving the Kaylee doll as she looks like she is mixed race, just like the girls.  It will be nice to have a doll they can play with who looks a little more like them, and it’s surprisingly hard to find dolls that represent mixed race girls! One more reason to love Our Generation a little more.


Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Set & Deluxe Jenny Doll #FMEGifts2015

Jenny and her gourmet kitchen have been a wonderful addition to Keira’s Our Generation collection – and it’s a quickly growing collection at that!  Don’t tell Keira, but I hear Holly is getting a pet puppy for Christmas this year! 😉

The quality is great, the price is just right and Keira (and Ava now too!) loves the dolls and playsets. This is a great gift for kids 3 and up, although perhaps more suitable for the older age range depending on your child.  (It has lots of little parts so you need to decide if your child can handle small toys or not.)


Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Set & Deluxe Jenny Doll #FMEGifts2015

Buy it:

Our Generation dolls and accessories are available at Mastermind Toys in Canada or you can order from and ship to Canada.


 Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product in order to facilitate this review.  All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.


Elizabeth Matthiesen

Wednesday 18th of November 2015

What a fantastic, modern and well designed kitchen. Keira obviously loves it as I'm sure any child would. :-)

Lisa Rios

Monday 16th of November 2015

Kiera looks absolutely happy with her cute doll & The Gourmet Kitchen set is a great addition to add more excitement & fun. My kids would be in love with one such set for sure.

Seattle Travel Blogger

Sunday 15th of November 2015

Oh my word! That kitchen set is adorable... such a sweet gift for the holidays.

kathy downey

Saturday 14th of November 2015

Awe,what a cute Kitchen set my granddaughter would have some fun if she had that one


Friday 13th of November 2015

What an ad and her dolly. Great kitchen set