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Fantastic Fox Crafts for Kids


Foxes are, quite possibly, the cutest woodland animals, so it's no wonder that they're the subject of so many kids crafts! No matter what your child's age is, you'll find a fox craft that's perfect for their skill level!


Foxes are, quite possibly, the cutest woodland animals, so it’s no wonder that they’re the subject of so many kids crafts! In this list, you’ll find fantastic foxes made from paper plates, cupcake liners, popsicle sticks, wood slices, paper cups, and so much more. And what’s more, no matter what your child’s age is, you’ll find a fox craft that’s perfect for their skill level and many others that are easily adaptable.

Pair these fox crafts with your favorite fox-themed books. Some of our faves are Fox in Socks, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Fox the Tiger, and My Fox Ate My Homework. Crafting is a fun way to extend lessons learned in stories and books. It’s also just plain fun.


Foxes are, quite possibly, the cutest woodland animals, so it's no wonder that they're the subject of so many kids crafts! No matter what your child's age is, you'll find a fox craft that's perfect for their skill level!


Scan this list of fox crafts, grab your materials and the kiddos, and get to work on a fun project today!

Fantastic Fox Crafts for Kids to Make



Popsicle Stick Fox Craft from Craft Create Cook: Easy and cute, this fun popsicle stick fox is the perfect craft for young kids, both at home or in the classroom. It would also make a fun camp craft since it’s a woodland animal. You only need a few simple materials: craft sticks, paint, googly eyes, felt, and cardstock. The shapes are super simple to cut.



Paper Cup Fox Craft from Kids Craft Room: Use a paper cup and the easy printable template provided to make an adorable paper cup fox! 3D crafts like this one are super fun for kids because they can play with their creations afterward.



Handprint Fox Craft from Easy Peasy and Fun: Great for the classroom, this fox craft involves minimal materials and lets kids practice tracing and advanced scissor skills. Parents always love receiving handprint keepsake crafts, and this fox is a sweet choice for fall.



Newspaper Fox Craft from I Heart Crafty Things: Making crafts with recycled materials—like newspapers—is a great way to teach kids to be more environmentally friendly with their creative projects. Using watercolors allows the text from the newspaper to still show through, which creates an interesting visual effect.



Cardboard Tube Foxes from The Craft Train: Use a paper towel tube to make a pair of cute foxes with the kids. This craft is more appropriate for older children since there’s no template, and they’ll be painting the foxes’ features freehand. The cutting also requires a bit more skill than most preschoolers and young children have, so 2nd grade and up should be a great age for this craft.



Toilet Roll Fox from The Best Ideas for Kids: This toilet roll craft may be a little easier than the paper towel tube fox craft mentioned above. Here, the fox’s face and features are made with cardstock, googly eyes, and a feather for the tail. It’s easy to assemble, especially if you create your own template for the facial features first.



Fox Corner Bookmarks from Red Ted Art: If your child always has a book on hand, making bookmarks can be a fun, creative activity that pairs well with his or her interests! Simple origami bookmarks like this are great for older kids who’ve outgrown things like paper plate crafts or popsicle stick crafts, but who still want to make something fun. These bookmarks will remind your kiddo to read to be cunning as a fox!



Foam Fox Craft from The Inspiration Edit: Crafting with foam is inexpensive and fun! This foam fox craft is absolutely adorable, and since you’re using simple shapes like hearts, circles, and triangles to make the fox, young kids can cut the shapes mostly independently. But don’t worry if you don’t have any foam sheets. Substitute cardstock or construction paper instead!



Fox Paper Bag Craft from Simple Everyday Mom: Paper bag puppets are wonderful for keeping the kids entertained with some pretend play while you finish up a few errands, and making the puppets is part of the fun. It’s really easy to do with the printable template, so grab your materials and get started!



Cupcake Liner Fox Craft from I Heart Crafty Things: Cupcake liner crafts are simple and fun for kids of all ages, and they’re great for school or home. You’ll be surprised at all the fun animal shapes you can make using only cupcake liners and a little creativity.



Wooden Fox Ornaments from Frugal Mom Eh: Tweens and teens (and adults, too!) will enjoy making these beautiful wooden fox ornaments. You’ll need wood slices, paint, and felt, along with a few other common materials that you probably already have. They’ll make gorgeous Christmas ornaments or gift tie-ons, but you could also just hang them up or sit them on the mantle in the fall.



Cardboard Roll Fox Craft from Our Kid Things: And here’s yet another version of the fox to make with cardboard tubes. Wouldn’t it be fun to try all three versions in this post to have a collection of foxes? We think so! It involves a bit more folding and freehand painting, so it’s another one that’s great for upper-elementary-age kids.


Paper Plate Fox from Artsy Craftsy Mom: This paper plate craft is based on the story Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl. If you can’t find orange paper plates, you can always paint a white one. Or, you could leave it white, and it becomes a beautiful Arctic fox!



Origami Fox Finger Puppets from Pink Stripey Socks: You get the fun of origami and a finger puppet with this craft! It’s a fairly simple origami craft that even young kids can do if you take them through it step by step. Once you’re done, find a fox-themed book, and act out the parts using your new fox puppets.



Fox Leaf Craft from Easy Peasy and Fun: When fall is in the air, so are lots of leaves, and it’s the ideal time to make this adorable leaf fox! If you’re making this outside of fall, a faux leaf from the craft aisle will do just fine.



Yarn-Wrapped Foxes from Kids Craft Room: Build fine motor skills and practice hand-eye coordination with this lovely yarn-wrapped fox activity. If your foxes are on the smaller side, they will look rather cute on the fridge. Simply add a magnet to the back!


Which of these adorable foxes is first on your crafting list?




Shirley O

Tuesday 18th of February 2020

Cute craft ideas! These would be a lot of fun to make with my grandchildren.

kathy downey

Friday 14th of February 2020

Those certainly are super cute crafts,thanks for sharing. Kids will have fun with this !

Jay Nelson

Friday 14th of February 2020

I did some fox crafts with my twins - sewing felt. I keep them on my bookshelf as they make nice decorations.