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The Cat in the Hat Paper Bag Puppet



The Cat in the Hat Paper Bag Puppet is a fun kids craft that ties in really well with The Cat in the Hat. It’s a perfect craft for Dr. Seuss day which is coming up on the March 2nd!




The Cat in the Hat is such a beloved childrens story, and this puppet is simply adorable!



The Cat in the Hat Paper Bag Puppet

White & Black Cardstock
Black Paper Bags
Xacto Knife


Download and print the Cat and the Hat template.


Invite your littles ones to color in the template with traditional colours or let them give it their own artistic touch.


Cut out each piece of the template.


An adult must do this step! Use an xacto knife to create a slit in the top hat. (refer to the photo)


Slip the Cat’s head into the hat and glue in place.


Glue the head onto the black paper bag. (make sure to glue the head onto the bottom of the bag, the part that flaps up)


Cut a white oval from cardstock and glue onto the black paper bag. (refer to the photo)


Glue the bow onto the bottom of the Cat’s neck.


Glue the hands onto the arms and then glue the arms onto the paper bag.


Glue the legs to the bottom of the paper bag.


Cut a long thin strip from black cardstock. Cut the strip into small pieces and glue onto the Cat’s face where his whiskers would be.


Turn the paper bag over and glue the tail into place.


Your paper bag puppet is complete. Have fun some!



Wednesday 28th of February 2018

I love this idea, but I cant seem to find the template. Please help!

Gerallee Dodson

Thursday 14th of February 2019

Where do you find the template for this puppet?