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7 Must-See Attractions in Quebec

7 Must-See Attractions in Quebec, Canada

Quebec is a large, vast province that makes up about 1/6th of Canada. Covering many different and diverse landscapes from isolated artic tundra to historic cities, the region boasts a variety of palatable experiences for everyone.

While most visitors tend plan to visit Quebec’s two main cities, Quebec and Montreal, there are many different things to explore throughout the province through every season. There are several cultural institutions, natural sites, small towns, beautiful parks and fun festivals, and these are just some of the experiences you can have in this gorgeous province.  


7 Must-See Attractions in Quebec

Canadian Museum of History

Located in the Hill area of Gatineau Quebec and situated across from the Ottawa river, the Canadian Museum of History is recognized as Canada’s national museum of human history.

Boasting many ongoing exhibitions including the first people’s hall and the grand hall, each year the museum presents a number of different exhibits that focus on world history, Canadian history and various civilizations. You can also visit the 500-seat theatre, the Canadian Children’s Museum and the CINE+.

This is a great place to visit to learn more about history, Canadian culture and more.  


The CosmoDome is located in Laval, Quebec and is home to both the Space Science Center and Space Camp Canada. At the CosmoDome you can hop aboard and adeventourus voyage through outterspace and become a space hero.

If it’s an immersive, unique environment you seek, this is an amazing place to visit. Witness discoveries and feats of space explorers, take part in a mission on Mars, and cope with the demands of a space mission to the red planet. Become an astronaut in training and learn more about space with the CosmoDome.



La Mauricie National Park

Located in the Laurentian mountains near Shawnigan in the Maurice region of Quebec, La Mauricie National Parks spans over 530Km2. Bordering on the Saint Lawrence lowlands, this must-see attraction is perfect for nature lovers. With more than 150 different lakes as well as forests of hardwood and conifers, La Mauricie is a beautiful place to visit. During the day you can visit the pools at the foot of waterfalls and take a swim or listen to the call of the loon while you relax and breath in nature. When evening comes, the great horned owl or the barred owl lull you to sleep with their hooting.

Mingan Archipelago

Located in Eastern Quebec on the north shore of the Gulf of the St. Lawrence, the Mingan Archipelago National Park reserve is a beautiful national park worth visiting. Featuring large limestone outcroppings, frolicking seals and whales, and over 1,000 islands and inlets, you can discover the natural wonder of the Minegan Archipelago National Park. Check out the many island nature trails or hop aboard a sea expedition to explore this timeless wonder.

This natural landmark is a must visit in Quebec. You can even pack a picnic and enjoy the scenery. The possibilities are endless.  


Montmorency Falls in Quebec, Canada

Montmorency Falls

Located on the Montmorency River in Quebec, on the boundary between Boischatel and the borough of Beauport, you can experience the beautiful Monmorency Falls. Approximately 12km from the heart of old Quebec City, this natural attraction is a must visit for everyone.

There are many ways to experience this beautiful place. Start the walking tour by taking the cable car up the cliff to find a gift shop, restaurant and interpretation center. There is even a footpath located along the top of the cliff that leads to the suspension bridge. The suspension bridge provides a beautiful view of the area. If you continue walking along the path you will find a staircase comprised of over 480 steps down the side of the cliff that brings you directly to the bottom of the falls. In fact, you can use the double zip line that boasts over 300m of space!

You won’t want to miss traveling to see these Falls the next time you’re in Quebec.


View of Quebec City, Canada

Old Quebec City

Taking a stroll down the streets of Old Quebec City is much like taking a journey back in time. Whether you have a few days or only a few hours, there is something everyone will love when it comes to the charm and history of Old Quebec City. With a distinctly unique European feel, this amazingly walkable walled city has been preserved so well after 400 years.

Old Quebec City boasts a remarkable mix of heritage, culture, art and architecture. Get a living history lesson every time you visit.

Chateau St. Louis

Located in Quebec City, the Chateau St. Louis was once the official residence to several different governors over the years. Explore its history and take a stroll through the lower court, culinary complex and outbuildings. Relive the lives of the Chateaus former residents and discover over 120 different artifacts.


There are many reasons to visit beautiful Quebec and discover more of it’s culture and history. Experience some of Quebec’s fantastic attractions and book your vacation today.

Shirley O

Thursday 20th of February 2020

Old Quebec City is beautiful. It is like taking a step back in time. There are so many things to see in Quebec and I would like to visit the parks you mentioned.

kathy downey

Sunday 16th of February 2020

Certainly beautiful attractions in the area !

J. Nelson

Saturday 15th of February 2020

My daughter is hoping to travel to Quebec. I have never been, but the historical buildings are inspiring.