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Detox your home and get organized with this Earth Rescue Giveaway #ERDetoxtheHome

Now that September is here and the kids are back in school it is back to the usual routine.  This is a great time to get yourself organized and one of the areas of my house most in need of cleaning (ironically enough) is my cleaning supply storage area.  I decided it was time to tackle that challenge and with the help of Earth Rescue, not only make over my cleaning supply storage but also work harder to detox my home.


I was given some great tips and tricks from Earth Rescue to help get me organized:

  • Use a shoe organizer! Use each shoe pouch to hold a different product to clearly see all of your supplies and keep them all in one place and out of reach from your little ones.

  • Clothes pins – Use clothes pins to pin your sponges and cloths to the top of each shoe pouch to keep them from falling inside and creating a mess.

  • Label – Use labels to categorize your cleaning products by the rooms you use them in so the whole family knows the cleaning routine.

I was sent the entire line of eco-friendly, Earth Rescue products and everything I needed to get my cleaning supplies organized and working better for my family.  Yes, the kit did contain a shoe organizer, clothes pins and labels to get me started.  So let me show you what my family had setup as far as our cleaning supply.


Cleaning Supply

Organize your home

Yeah, unorganized and messy is just the start of it.  Like the basket of samples sitting in the middle of it all?  Anyway, it was time to move the whole thing – the shelf wasn’t high enough for Keira to reach yet but this is the girl I found naked in her crib the other morning with her sleep bag zippered up along with her sleeper inside out and still buttoned up.  Since the little Houdini has proven just how adept she is at the seemingly impossible I decided it was time to get proactive. 


I got started with the organization supplies first and setup the hanging shoe organizer on the basement door… which is actually in the basement rather than at the top of the stairs.  Keira doesn’t play down there yet so it’s the one place in the house I know she can’t and won’t get at.  Next I cleared out my cleaning supplies and got started organizing my new Earth Rescue cleaning supplies by putting them away in the organizer and got to work labelling the rooms and pining my sponges in place.  It actually just took a few minutes to get it all done and I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of doing it before!


Here is the finished product.  So much cleaner and more organized.  I can’t believe just how much easier it is to get the supplies I need compared to the pile of products I had laying around on the shelf.  Now not only are my cleaning supplies organized, but I was able to clear out Keira’s bath time supplies from her change table (you wouldn’t believe how many we still have from her baby shower!) and get them organized on that shelf and out of her room to make more room for her cloth diapers.  Not to mention that I want to avoid walking in and finding her covered in shampoo and lotion! 


Much better use of the space, don’t you think?  I have Earth Rescue to thank for the wave of organization happening now!

Detox Your Home with Earth Rescue

Haven’t heard of Earth Rescue?  They are a new line of cleaning products that can be found exclusively at Walmart for moms like me that worry about the harmful chemicals we use around the home on a daily basis.

All Earth Rescue products are:

  • 100% naturally derived ingredients
  • 100% readily biodegradable
  • 100% VOC free
  • 100% solvent free

The line of products include an All Purpose Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Dishwasher Rinse Aid, Glass & Window Cleaner, Dishwasher Tabs, Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Laundry Liquid Capsules.  You can literally replace almost every cleaning agent in your home with an Earth Rescue product!

After having used the products over the last couple of weeks I have fallen in love with them.  They offer the same convenience and effectiveness as the brands I am used to with the bonus that the formulas are naturally derived.  The products even have great scents that just evoke a feeling of clean.  The laundry tabs have a wonderfully relaxing lavender scent and the light lemon scent of the bathroom cleaner is like the epitome of what a clean bathroom should smell like.

Win it

Earth Rescue wants to help one Canadian Frugal Mom Eh reader to detox their home and get organized with a kit just like mine!   Giveaway ends September 29th at 11:59 pm EST.  See Giveaway Tools form for entry and full T&C.


Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned products in order to facilitate this review.  All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

Brian E.

Sunday 29th of September 2013

Earth Rescue Laundry Liquid Capsules 20ct

Emily Morelli

Sunday 29th of September 2013

I’d like to try the all purpose cleaner.

Michelle Dimmock

Sunday 29th of September 2013

Laundry tablets


Sunday 29th of September 2013

I'd love to try the floor cleaner

Viv Sluys

Sunday 29th of September 2013

I'm most interested in trying the toilet bowl cleanser