5 Tips for Keeping your Baby Warm All Winter Long!

5 Tips for Keeping your Baby Warm All Winter Long!

Winter can be a magical time: a blanket of snow transforms once barren landscapes, while a layer of frost makes leaves and branches sparkle. But in the cold climes of Canada, sharing that magic with your baby can be tricky. While their eyes enjoy the shimmering scenes, their little noses and toes may not appreciate the nip in the air.

To help prepare your baby for the wintry weather ahead, Disney Baby has put together five tips for keeping your little one warm, all winter long.

TIP #1: Appropriate attire

While it may seem like a good idea to turn your little one into a snow-suited marshmallow, be careful not to overdo it – you don’t want baby to overheat! A good rule of thumb is to dress children less than a year old in the same number of layers you’re wearing, plus one more.

Tip #2: Easy on, easy off

Opting for a cozy jumpsuit, like this fleecy Winnie the Pooh number, makes layering an easy task. Simply slip these one piece wonders over baby’s outfit as you’re leaving the house. With built-in booties and mittens, a snuggly suit will ensure your little one is ready to face even the chilliest of days.

Tip #3: Collect cute caps

Heat escapes through the top of the body, so always make sure your little one’s head is covered. For warmth and style, try these adorable cap, mitt and bootie sets – they’re perfect for tiny noggins!

TIP #4: Take brrr-eaks

Babies need fresh air, even in winter, and it’s perfectly fine to take your little one outside when it’s chilly. But it’s important not to keep baby out in the cold too long. Look out for fussiness or other signs of discomfort and if you see them, head inside for a cuddle!

TIP #5: Create a cozy crib

Your baby can get chilly, even inside, and many moms worry about keeping little ones warm while they’re asleep. Step one is to create a snug environment. Try using a flannel fitted sheet in your crib and a cozy footed sleeper to keep your little one toasty from tip to toe. For really tiny tots, swaddling is a great option – just make sure you don’t use too many layers! 

We even use a fleece Winnie the Pooh Sleeping Bag with Ava so that I know she is safe in her crib but still warm and cozy all night long!

When it comes to winter walks with the stroller, I always make sure to use the plastic rain cover for the stroller to help shield her from cool winter winds without creating a wind tunnel the way stroller canopies alone sometimes can cause.  A nice snugly blanket tucked around baby completes the gear in conjunction with Disney’s tips and baby will be much more happy and warm.


113 thoughts on “5 Tips for Keeping your Baby Warm All Winter Long!

  1. When we went out for a walk, I would use a special blanket for the stroller. It is like a sleeping bag with a very soft material on the inside. So cozy…i wish it was made it my size. My daughter keeps nice and warm, and we can go for longer walks.

  2. Layer…and to check how warm or cold they are from the thigh or upper arm. I know a number of ppl who have overheated their kids because ‘their fingers are cold’.

  3. I always put my babies in those blanket sleepers to keep them warm at night. I also remember my Dr. telling me not to over dress them, but to dress them as I would dress and they will be warm.

  4. I moved here from Bermuda to be with my little granddaughter and if I had my way, she would NEVER go out in the cold! But, when she does, we make sure she is well-layered in outfits that are easy on/off to keep abreast of differences in the outside air/car/shopping mall/ whatever.

  5. Always use extra blankets to keep your baby warm, but check to make sure that he/or she is not overheating -make sure their hair isn’t wet from sweating too much- always keep an eye on them!

  6. My best tip for keeping baby warm in the winter – mitts that are attached to the sleeves of outfits, and hoods that are attached to outerwear. Helps ensure they stay on, and that when not in use they do not get lost. Nothing worse than being out in the cold and discovering your little one has not only pulled off a hat or mitt, but you also have no idea when and thus no idea where to look for it!

  7. I like to use layers, rather than a super thick one-piece snow jacket. Especially if going shopping or visiting–so easy for the little ones to over-heat.

  8. Always a toque, warm winter boots, mittens and a warm winter coat. I use leggings as long johns for my little guy. I like to warm up the car before we go out as well.

  9. Nice tips in the article. Per my experience, caps, mittens, socks, layers always a must in a cold weather for babies to have a nice and warm walk outside.

  10. I would love to try the Chicken Bones™ Gift set, I haven’t had these since my grandparents were still with us, and that was many moons ago!!

  11. my son loves to chew on his hands and get them soaking wet, which in turn makes his hand super cold. i bought some PUL fabric and make him little gloves with some fuzzy warm fabric on the inside. it works really well and no more freezing cold hands!

  12. I dress my baby in his normal outfit and then when we go out I put him in a fleece one-piece suit with a warm hat. If I was going for a long walk with him I’d wrap him in some warm blankets too but we usually don’t stay out that long.

  13. Warm up the car to a suitable temperature before baby is in car and have layers of blankets on baby so that if they get too warm you can just peel off a layer 🙂

  14. I make sure my baby girl is bundled in her car seat with blankets or in the stroller with a snow suit and blankets and always have a hat on her as well as the wind/snow/rain cover on the stroller at all times.

  15. Dress in layers so that you can remove one or two while inside or if it warms up outside so that your child doesn’t overheat

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