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25 Ways Moms Keep it Together on a Daily Basis

25 Ways Moms Keep it Together on a Daily Basis - this is basically a mom survival guide to keep you going.

Have you ever seen “that mom” that looks like she keeps it together on a daily basis? Well, she’s not perfect, but there are some things she probably does to keep herself looking sane. If you’re wondering what her secret is, check out these 25 ways moms keep it together on a daily basis.

  1. Coffee- Where would a mom be without her coffee? (Even if it is cold before she gets a sip!)
  2. Smartphone- Sometimes connecting with someone from the outside world is all a mom needs to get through it.
  3. Nap time – nap time is right around the corner!
  4. A hot shower – Sometimes all is takes for a mom to keep it together is a hot shower.
  5. Bathroom break – Going to the bathroom can have a sweet ring of sanity to it! (When you can manage to get in it alone anyway…)
  6. A well behaved child – Although it doesn’t always happen, a well behaved child is a moment savoured.
  7. When dad helps – Not all moms do it on their own, sometimes dad saves the day!
  8. Staying organized – Although it’s not easy, a little bit of organization can help any mom keep it together.
  9. A good friend- Having a friend that a mom can call is always welcomed.
  10. Pre-made dinners- Whether she makes it herself or pulls it out of a box, a pre-made dinner can be a real life saver for a mom (especially on a bad day!).
  11. Crock pot- If a pre-made dinner isn’t available, the next best thing is a little planning and a crock pot to help make the day run even smoother.
  12. A kid who’s willing to help- Having a “helper” or a child who’s willing to help a mother out is a great thing and a secret to keeping it together.
  13. A little grace – In a world where moms seem to get beaten down for every choice they make, sometimes a little grace from a stranger can go a long way.
  14. An offer to help- Moms can keep it together on a daily basis when someone lends a hand to help.
  15. Time to eat- A mom doesn’t always have time to eat, so when she does, it can help her keep it together.
  16. Snuggle time- Not all kids love to snuggle, but when they offer it, most mothers are happy to accept it.
  17. Matching shoes- Great job mom, you made it out the door with two matching shoes on. Win!
  18. A phone call without a screaming child – It’s almost like kids only scream when their mom is on the phone.
  19. Saving money – Life is truly all about the little things and sometimes saving money is one of those things!
  20. Grocery shopping kid free – When someone offers to take the kids so she can grocery shop, kid free. That is how moms keep it together! (In some circles this is known as a Mom-cation.)
  21. Actually remembering to do something – A mom’s memory is a precious thing, when she can remember to do something, or why she went downstairs, it’s a win!
  22. Time to Spoil Herself – So many moms put their families first so when she gets a chance to get her nails done, a spa day or even just grabbing her favourite drink at Starbucks, mom feels recharged!
  23. BFF time – Seeing a friend she hasn’t seen in a while is one way to brighten mom’s day!
  24. Nap time – When mom is so miraculously caught up with life that she can take a much needed nap too!
  25. Waking up – Being there for her children each morning is enough to help her keep it together on a daily basis.



Thursday 29th of December 2016

haha yep ! yes to everything on this list

kathy downey

Friday 4th of December 2015

I find this seems to be the busiest time of year with kids

kathy downey

Tuesday 10th of November 2015

lol,I shared this list with my friend,she got 14 month twin boys and 3 yr boy....i told her to keep her spirits up

Elva Roberts6

Saturday 31st of October 2015

I read the list and, substituting tea for coffee, it is familar to the things that kept me sane most of the time. I was very busy on a farm with five children(my idea) and lots of people to make lunches for and meals to serve and books to keep. I loved it and it was a great way to ensure sound sleep at night, If I didn't have a baby that year! They are adults now with their own grandchildren and it It is so amazing to see all these people in our lives now and to share their lives.


Sunday 1st of November 2015

That's incredible Elva, you are so blessed!

kathy downey

Sunday 25th of October 2015

When my kids were small,it was busy busy busy,i only had 2 some people have 4/5 i dont know how they do it