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Fun Winter Activities for Toddlers

These Fun Winter Activities for Toddlers will get you out in the snow having the time of your lives!

Winter is a great time to be a toddler. There is so much to see and do, to learn about and experience. If you are at a loss on what you should be doing with your toddler this winter, though, check out these great ideas. They cover indoor and outdoor activities, as well as what to do in the snow and in areas where it doesn’t snow.  These fun Winter Activities for Toddlers are a good start!



If you are in the snow, try- sledding, building a snowman, and making snow angels. Have a snowball fight or build an ice fort with your kids. Just be sure to bundle everyone up and take along something hot to drink. For toddlers, you won’t want to go too far from home in the snow in case they get tired, cold, and grumpy.

If you do not have snow in your area, you can still make a snowman. Build your snowman out of old pumpkins painted white, or even out of white sheets tied around balls of various size. You can even try collecting pine cones, twigs, rocks, and other outdoor items to build a natural wreath to decorate your home. Put up a tent and build a bonfire for some outdoor camping fun in the cold.

No matter the weather where you are, have fun this winter by having your whole family get together to decorate the house for the holidays.


If you want to stay inside, have your child help you make winter crafts to decorate the house with, or have them help you make totally handmade Christmas cards to send to friends and family. The cards will teach your child about giving for the holidays and it is a unique touch to the tradition of sending out cards.

If your child is a little more mature than most, or if they’re used to the kitchen, you can have them help you make a delicious home-baked snack that will warm you on a cold day, or even plan an indoor winter picnic! Just make a meal of your favourite winter-goodies, spread a blanket on the kitchen floor, decorate it any way you choose, and have fun eating yummy food in a new way. This will be a special treat for a toddler who likes tea parties and playing chef.


kathy downey

Friday 27th of March 2015

This is the first day it has not been freezing or snowing

kathy downey

Monday 9th of March 2015

finally got out this weekend to do some sledding...loads of fun

kathy downey

Friday 6th of March 2015

Well we have so much snow now its almost to the point where we have no where else to put it.So much snow for playing its a shame the kids have been sick for 2 weeks with colds and that lingering coughs

kathy downey

Sunday 1st of March 2015

Kids love playing outside,even just jumping in the snow

Victoria Ess

Thursday 18th of December 2014

I love those outdoor activity ideas!