DIY Christmas Card Display

Last Updated on November 26, 2020

This DIY Christmas Card Display is a great decor idea to help organize your Christmas Cards. Super easy to follow tutorial!


This DIY Christmas Card Display is a great decor idea to help organize your Christmas Cards. Super easy to follow tutorial!

 I recently realized that our current home has no mantel.  This is a problem when it comes to Christmas so I’ve had to get a little creative with working around it.  As a child my mother always ran ribbon down the french door leading to the front hallway to attach her Christmas Cards onto for a full display in the living room.  We also don’t have a doorway to do this with because of the layout of the house.  I decided I would need to make my own Christmas Card Display and in stroke of good fortune I had a shipment arrive on a wood pallet that was left for me to deal with.  Oh happy days! 

Don’t you just love when things work out like that?


DIY Christmas Card Display #‎BehrHolidayHues‬

I dismantled the pallet and broke it down to its slats.  It hadn’t all come apart nicely but the imperfections certainly lend to the rustic look of it anyway.   I picked out and arranged four boards with a fifth board set aside and cut in thirds.

DIY Christmas Card Display #‎BehrHolidayHues‬

I took the two smaller boards and screwed them securely to the top and bottom of the four boards. This is best done by using two screws per board along the smaller boards.  I also lightly sanded the boards to prep for painting – I wanted to be careful to preserve the distressed look of the wood but make it a little bit easier to paint.


DIY Christmas Card Display #‎BehrHolidayHues‬

Next up is to paint.  I knew I wanted something that reminded me of winter and Christmas but still quite neutral so that the cards would really pop and stand out.  I selected Distant Star from OPULENCE lifestyle collection of the BEHR Marquee line in a flat sheen.  I think Distant Star is just perfect, I would actually love a room painted in this crisp and clean looking colour.  It reminds me of Grey Winter Skies.  It’s a lovely cool grey-blue but the shade is different depending on the light of course.  Sometimes it appears more grey and at others like a cool light blue.


DIY Christmas Card Display #‎BehrHolidayHues‬

I did one light coat of the Marquee to the bare wood and then an hour later hit it with a thick coat of it.  That is all it took.  The above is after the first light coat.  The second really saturated the piece with colour nicely and evenly.

Next I carefully hot-glued some twine to the pack of the piece to help secure it in place and wrapped it around the top a few times.  Mostly for aesthetics.  Then I just wrapped the twine around the boards every which way.  All that was left was to pull out some wood clothespins to finish my new Christmas Card Display!

I love that once the whole holiday season is over I can take this piece and re-purpose it in my office in place of a pin-board!

DIY Christmas Card Display #‎BehrHolidayHues‬

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This DIY Christmas Card Display is a great decor idea to help organize your Christmas Cards. Super easy to follow tutorial!


161 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Card Display

  1. I love your brilliant idea for your Christmas cards! The pallet wood is perfect for this project and Distant Star is divine! I’m adding that color to my favorites list! xo

  2. We are painting rooms in our house at the moment and have chosen a colour called Mushroom…I’m very pleased.

  3. Great project – the pallets are so easily obtainable and there’s always the question of what to do with cards…at Christmas especially! Very do-able by anyone! Neutral background is a good choice for busy cards!

  4. I absolutely adore the colour you choose…. Distant Star. My sister in law has that colour in her living room and I love it.

  5. I’m not sure which colors yest because there are so many pretty ones and practical ones like white that has a lot of uses,I like different shades of blue,yellow,violet,I could go on and on,I would have to ponder this question because color is an important decision for me.

  6. Behr has this one color I love. It’s called Light French Gray. I’m in the middle of spackling my living room and want to paint it that color followed by bright white trimmings. I also want to do my kids bedrooms more bold bright colors. Maybe a bright orange or nice purple (for my daughter). Either way, Behr paint is awesome. Great giveaway!

  7. I have no idea what I would choose but I think it would be something bright like orange, lime green and maybe a nice yellow

  8. This is too cute! The little ones would enjoy helping put this together and I’m sure they’d love having one in their bedrooms too to display their Christmas cards or crafts.

  9. I’d like to do some painting in the bedrooms, and while my 5 year old would insist I pick pink, I really like a buttery yellow in bed rooms. It’s hard not to wake up on the right side of the bed when you have a nice colour in the room.

  10. I’d pick something from the Arts & Crafts Collection, not sure which one at this time. We’re restoring a bungalow and it would be great for that.

  11. I think that I would chose a medium to dark blue, a medium khaki green and a white/off-white(trim colour).

  12. I’d love to repaint all 3 of our bathrooms, so this would be perfect! I think I’d go with something like the Dreaming Blue, the Silver Hill, and maybe the Dusky Violet! They’re all so pretty!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  13. So many choices.. I would love to repaint my halls and staircase in a light tan colour. I also need to repaint my living room as my son have coloured all over it.. I think I would choose a mocha for that

  14. I want a turquoise for my guest bathroom – maybe island dream? I would love a greyish-purple for my master bedroom. The Composer’s Magic looks beautiful online.

  15. Not sure exact shades yet as I have to match tiles, but would pick a warm beige for the bathroom and a nice cream for our bedroom.

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