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Why the @Cheerios Commercial featuring an interracial Family is such a BIG deal

It is funny that in a world where interracial families and couples are becoming “normal” and “common” that there is almost a complete lack of representation of this type of family in the media.   So much so that when Cheerios released the above commercial there was a huge backlash on Youtube against the Brand for featuring a interracial family in an advertisement. 

The horror.

I imagine that growing up in a bi-racial household would be just plain weird when you don’t see any other mixed households in the media.   Is General Mills trying to be bold or make a social statement?  I don’t think so.  They’re just ignoring the obvious stigma against putting people of different races in relationships on television. This is so important for families like mine because we are so under-represented in the media.

As the white mother of a bi-racial girl with a black man, seeing a commercial like this from such a huge brand like General Mills is BIG.  As my daughter grows up I believe it is important for her to see positive portrayals of normal families just like ours and especially of bi-racial people just like herself in the media.

You know what I appreciated the most about this commercial though?  It’s a normal family.  No stereotypical stuff thrown in – just normal people in a particularly cute commercial.

Thank you General Mills!

kathy downey

Monday 9th of March 2015

Love General Mills for doing this,Actually Im proud of them

Kerrie @ Family Food and Travel

Wednesday 5th of June 2013

Great post about a great commercial. As the mom of children from two different ethnicities it is so important to see this portrayed in the media. I find it strange that this commercial is creating so much stir. I dream of a day when a family is just a family no matter what it looks like.


Wednesday 5th of June 2013

Good for them! I can't believe it's taken this long for an interracial family to appear in a commercial. Quite honestly, I probably wouldn't have really noticed because it's just not something that I see as being unusual. That's a good thing! It's a shame that there was a back-lash surrounding it though. In this day and age, that is just so sad and wrong.

Margarita Ibbott ~ @DownshiftingPRO

Tuesday 4th of June 2013

Kudos to them. I always smile when my kids say they are 1/2 Colombian because I was born in Colombia but I have lived in Canada for 43 years. I think this should be the norm not the exception. Thanks for pointing that out!


Tuesday 4th of June 2013

Kuddos to General Mills! I don't understand personally what the big deal is about this commercial! When I watch it, I see a normal family. Nothing out of the norm. It's 2013 people! It's sick how much racism is out there still. Makes me shake my head really. I'm glad that General Mills took this leap in showing REAL families and I hope to see more commercials featuring interracial families. This little girl is absolutely beautiful!