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DK Canada’s Father`s Day Boutique

dads-rock-boutique-button-185x185Shopping for Dad has never been easier with the selection of books DK Canada has put together for their “Dads Rock Boutique”.   Whether your Father is into DIY, history or the latest superhero movie you will find great gift options for even the hardest dad to please.

For a limited time the entire Dad’s Rock Boutique is 30% off so make sure to take advantage of this discount to get the Father in your life something he is sure to love!

I received a few books for the two fathers in my life – My own Dad and my husband – to review.  I got my father Woodwork as well as James Bond: 100 Postcards.  For my husband I opted for Smithsonian Universe.

9780756643065HWoodwork – A Step-by-Step Photographic Guide to Successful Woodworking

From carving and veneering to jewelry boxes and custom cabinetry, Woodwork is the ultimate visual guide to every essential woodworking technique. The only guide to show you every tool, every type of wood, and every technique commonly used for home woodworking, Woodwork is the ultimate gift for all aspiring woodworkers.

Featuring an attractive range of finely crafted projects in easy-to-follow step-by-step detail, from household items to furniture, Woodwork is an inspiring book for woodworking enthusiasts who want to develop their skills, whether a beginner or more advanced woodworker.

 This book is broken down into two main parts; the first is a basic breakdown of tools and techniques the second is full of step-by-step guides to projects utilizing the basics taught in the first part.

I love that this book makes good use of colour pbotos and each step-by-step guide has multiple pictures for each step.  Reading through the book I found that the steps are broken down well enough that a beginner like myself to follow along but I found that there is enough in this book to appeal to even someone with expert skills at woodworking (such as my father).

9780756698447HJames Bond 50th Anniversary: 100 Postcards

James Bond devotees alike are sure to appreciate this stunning collection of 007-themed postcards. Featuring a selection of iconic Bond posters and archive pieces on 100 postcards in a collectible and stylish box, DK’s James Bond 50th Anniversary: 100 Postcards from the James Bond Archives celebrates the world’s ultimate superspy in a truly unique fashion.

007 (Gun Logo) and related James Bond Trademarks© 1962-2012 Danjaq, LLC and United Artists Corporation. All rights reserved. 007 (Gun Logo) and related James Bond Trademarks are trademarks of Danjaq, LLC, licensed by EON Productions Limited.

 This set contains a good variety of postcards featuring movie posters (including some foreign ones) to snapshots and studio shots.  It covers all the Bond movies from Dr. No right up to Quantum of Solace (nothing from Skyfall is included).  Many of the postcards are in colour and they are all printed on excellent quality card-stock with trivia and dates on the back.  These would make a great gift for any James Bond fan!




9780756698416HSmithsonian Universe: Expanded and Updated

From the fiery mass of the Sun’s core to the black hole at the center of the Milky Way, Universe takes you on the ultimate guided tour of the cosmos. Full of stunning out-of-this world images reflecting recent advances in space imagery, you’ll go on a journey from our solar system all the way to the farthest limits of space.

With information on the nature of the universe, the study of cosmology, Earth’s motion, modern telescopes, astrophotography, and even a comprehensive star atlas, this groundbreaking encyclopedia takes a dazzling and expansive look at the Universe and is a must-have for both students and astronomy enthusiasts.

Includes a comprehensive star atlas that covers all the constellations and planetary charts showing their positions right up to 2019, with entries on each of the 88 constellations and notable celestial objects that lie within them, and a monthly sky guide showing the night sky as it appears throughout the year.

This book is a comprehensive and beautiful guide to the universe divided into three sections.

The first section is addresses the basics of matter, energy, and space-time.  It also presents current theories about the beginning and eventual end of the universe.  The second section covers known facts about the universe covering first our Solar System starting with the Sun and working outwards from there. Not a single page passes without a gorgeous photo.  The third section is about the constellations.

kathy downey

Friday 12th of September 2014

DK books are the best !

Kerrie @ Family Food and Travel

Friday 7th of June 2013

My Dad loves DK books - so many great titles to choose from. I'm going to check out the James Bond one :)